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Added: 15/03/2017 S3 Contest - Most Events won

Olavi is going to have the lead lol

Added: 07/03/2017 Birthday giveaway

Happy Birthday mate! my number is 27

Added: 28/02/2017 Someone Stoled my account

Actually mate hacking any account on our game servers isn't possible, you...

Added: 27/02/2017 Post the funny things you saw here. //Veky: hahaha good one :D

Added: 06/02/2017 -S2 Contest • Pizza Boy skills-

Goodluck s2 players :-D!

Added: 28/01/2017 English community video 2017!

Waiting for the video, can we guys know when it will be uploaded? ^ ^

Added: 28/01/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Increase the payout of Jobs after a specific number of skills, like in Pilot after...

Added: 28/01/2017 Pc-problem

Just unscrew your CPU's cover and try to remove the dust with Hairdryer or...

Added: 24/01/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Website suggestion: Add proximity mines thrown in leaderboards.

Added: 23/01/2017 S3 Contest- Most Cars Exported


Added: 11/01/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Website suggestion, Add Distance travelled by Vortex in leaderboard.

Added: 10/01/2017 English community video 2017!

Sent :-)

Added: 02/01/2017 --- Bug reports ---

After getting killed and spawning in the Deagle DM, sometimes i was falling from...

Added: 29/12/2016 --- Apply for admin position ---

Age : 17 Years Languages: Hindi(Native Speaker), English(Learning from 9 years)...

Added: 24/12/2016 Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone :-D!

Added: 23/12/2016 !!English servers - Double contest!!

Okay Thanks, Good luck everyone :-)

Added: 23/12/2016 !!English servers - Double contest!!

Impromptu races will be counted in this contest?

Added: 16/12/2016 Sorry for another thread

Hello there, I just want to give my justification how i killed in Micros Tdms. I...

Added: 16/12/2016 Banned :/

Hello there, I was just wandering why i got banned in S3 by administrator Vedran,...

Added: 10/12/2016 How these servers changed your life?

Hello everyone, my name is Aniket and i will be 17 in this month, I am from India....

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