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Přidáno: Před 3 dny i want to ask you

You can try cancelling background processes running on your PC (downloads, updates...

Přidáno: Před 3 dny for khayrou

You will remain banned.

Přidáno: 30.5.2020 just asking

7 hours and 15 minutes. You can use this site https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/czech-republic/prague

Přidáno: 30.5.2020 If refund is possible

No, no refund is possible in this case.

Přidáno: 30.5.2020 If refund is possible

You bought a Mountain Bike for 1,5k after you bought the Sultan therefore the Mountain...

Přidáno: 30.5.2020 ban for no reason

You are banned rightfully. Spoof hack detection is very accurate. You are either...

Přidáno: 30.5.2020 My carcolor just got replaced!!

You can't edit your post anymore if someone replies to it. Locking the thread...

Přidáno: 28.5.2020 Post the funny things you saw here.

https://www.gta-multiplayer.cz/en/topic/55094/#post-526873 im done //Harathi:...

Přidáno: 28.5.2020 Unban Appeal

I will unban you this time but keep in mind that you are both allowed to have only...

Přidáno: 28.5.2020 Where is my liberty UNBANNED PLEASE

You will be unbanned after midnight (00:00 server time)

Přidáno: 26.5.2020 to xAmine

Hey there. I've muted the player, thanks for letting us know :) As it has been...

Přidáno: 26.5.2020 i have a question ? admin

As helper R3dfield said Yes, you can do that. Just make sure to have your own separate...

Přidáno: 25.5.2020 Zmiznutie 8m

A tys mu dal heslo od uctu?

Přidáno: 25.5.2020 for higer staff please

I'l give you a quick response. Making threads on behalf of other players...

Přidáno: 25.5.2020 one admins please told me why i banned?

You can send me a private message on web (Click on my profile - Options - Send message...

Přidáno: 25.5.2020 Unban me admins plz

Your issue is being resolved here This is your final warning. Refrain from creating...

Přidáno: 25.5.2020 one admins please told me why i banned?

Hi. I will unban you. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Přidáno: 24.5.2020 Nemohu se napojit.

Vyreseno s hracem v PM.

Přidáno: 24.5.2020 lost 10mg

Hello. As you've mentioned. The server restarted only for YOU which was...

Přidáno: 24.5.2020 what?

No. You are not allowed to use VPN on our website or servers. It's against...

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I am the first X-Man, that joke's ahead of our time.

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