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Custom Radio [Guide] | UPDATED |

By Applee 12/07/2020

Usinsg a Youtube To MP3 Converter:

1. Search for any Youtube to MP3 Converter on Google. (I personally use YtMp3)

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Custom Radio [GUIDE]

By Applee 27/05/2019

Greetings everyone,
I've seen that many players get confused about how the Custom radio works, so here we are!

I. Usinsg a Youtube To MP3 Converter:

1. Search for any Youtube to MP3 Converter on Google....

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Vehicle color IDs

By Applee 09/05/2019

Vehicle Colors:


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By Applee 08/05/2019

Greetings everyone,
I saw that some people here have very serious issues with the ping and fps of their games, and some others can't really have a pleasant time which allows you to improve your experience.
Here, in this topic, I'll give you information, tips, advices about how to fix both of your...

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FPS Increasing Pack

By Applee 04/12/2018

Hey everyone,
I've decided to make a blog on how to increase FPS on SA:MP since I've noticed that many people including me suffering from low game performance and FPS drops.
Through my research of looking for solutions to solve this issue I've found a pack which helped me alot to increase...

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Special Tags

By Applee 29/11/2018

Greetings to everyone that came to my blog,
I've decided to make a blogpost about a list of commands that you can use directly on the server or that you can use when creating a new blog or forum post.

Web commands:

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