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By Applee 29/11/2018
Greetings to everyone that came to my blog,
I've decided to make a blogpost about a list of commands that you can use directly on the server or that you can use when creating a new blog or forum post.

Web commands:

1. Enlarge the text:

* If you want to change your text into a large text, you can easily use this command that your text decides no one overlooks.

[*size = number from 100-999] Text [*/size]
[*size = 700] Text [*/ size]

(Do not use asterisk when using the command)

2. Change the color of the text:

* If you do not like standard black text and you need to have something extra, you can use different colors that makes your text look better.
* For example, you can see the color ID on this HTML Color Names page.

[*color] Text [*/color]
[*pink ] Text [*/pink]

EDIT: You can also use [*color=<html color code>]text[*/color] to use a specific color

(Do not use an asterisk when using the command).

3. Align the text to the middle:

[*center] Text [*/center]

(Do not use an asterisk when using the command).

4. Link in text

[*url=link] Text [*/url]

(Do not use an asterisk when using the command).

5. Overriden Text:

[*s] Text [*/s]

(Do not use an asterisk when using these commands).

6. Basics:

Bold > [*b] Text [*/b]
Italic > [*i] Text [*/i]
Underline > [*u] Text [*/ u]
Quote > [*quote] Text [*/ quote]
Link > [*url] Link [*/ url]
Image > [*img] Link [*/img]
YouTube videos> [*youtube] Link [*/youtube]

(Do not use an asterisk when using these commands).

PS: If you want to mix between these commands, here's an example for you.
[*b][*i][*center][*pink][*size=150] Text [*/b][*/i][*/center][*/size]

Game commands:

/ Timestamp > Displays the time in the chat.
/ Headmove > Switches the player's head movements.
/ dl > Development command to display vehicle information.
/ interior > Displays the current interior ID
/ fontsize > Changes text size,
/ pagesize > Change the page size.

/ about> A brief description of the server and a list of all available features
/ autologin > This command allows you to sign in without writing a password.
/ records > Shows players who have the best time in a race.
/ me > Allows you to write in chat without showing your ID
/ block > This command allows you to block messages from an annoying player.
/ blocked > Displays the list of players you have blocked.
/ gaming > Displays the list of online players and their playing time on the server.
/ noobs > Lists online players who have less than 50 hours played.
/ afkreason > Allows you to set a reason for your AFK.

/ minigames> Lists current minigames.
/ donate> Learn how to contribute to the server.
/ currency> The alternation between the currency used in the market place. (Between CZK, USD, EUR, GBP)
/ repair> Allows you to repair the vehicle. (Only if you are in the safe zone).

/ addgroup> Create a new group.
/ joingroup> Join a specific group.
/ groupplayers> Displays the list of players in that group.
/ group> Ability to write to a group chat.

All commands that I've not written can be easily checked using /cmd.

More commands can be found from here.

I hope some of this blog will help you out! :D

Sincerely, Apple69.

Credit to Krexi
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Comments (64)

ADie233pizza ADie233pizza
Level 20 24/08/2019 11:22 AM
Insigne Insigne
Level 68 19/07/2019 11:51 AM
Its every forums commands, anyway you helped so many guys!
xDarK xDarK
Level 35 16/07/2019 05:21 PM
trippsuicide trippsuicide
Level 46 10/06/2019 11:03 PM
KenSeGiZ KenSeGiZ
Level 43 10/06/2019 06:56 PM
I suggest giphy to upload Pictures search in google upload giphy than share it , copy link (link must end with .gif) and than do [img]image link[ /img]
PS : in giphy you need to modify your image to complete your upload just point to the thing that you want
Applee Applee
Level 137 10/06/2019 06:56 PM
I personally used Noeslhack to upload the images provided above, which is a image hosting website (fr version), I just noticed that ImgBB's links aren't supported by this website so try to find a website that's working , Upload your images, Get the Image's Link and paste it on the format given above, message me if you have any further questions.
Applee Applee
Level 137 10/06/2019 06:47 PM
Follow these steps if you want to upload an Image:
1. Find an Image hosting website. (Click Here)
(there are many image hosting sites: Imgur, TinyPic, Use, Flickr, Free Image Hosting, PostImage, ImageShack, Noelshack, Select any of these websites that you like or find more simple to use)
- Some of these websites doesn't work anymore as this wesbsite doesn't support their links anymore.
2. Click on "Start Uploading"

3. Select the picture/image that you wish to upload.

4. Click on "Upload"

5. Click on "Share"

6. Copy the Picture/Image's Link.

7. Paste it on this format [ Img]Image's Link[ /img] (without space)
Trevorr Trevorr
Level 37 10/06/2019 05:15 PM
i dont understand
MaNiTi MaNiTi
Level 42 09/06/2019 05:16 PM
MaNiTi MaNiTi
Level 42 09/06/2019 05:11 PM
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