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Install Time!-Windows 10 Clean Install Part 2

By GerminatorX135 05/05/2016
If you haven't check out part 1 for this blog, please check it out here:
Some important things you need to know before installing and preparing the install disc

Before going on, if you have anything important like photos,music,videos,games,documents,etc, please back everything up since everything will be deleted during the install process.

I will not be responsible if this tutorial does not work for you or you encounter any problems during the install process. Do this at your own risk!

However, if you have any questions relating to the install, feel free to drop me a private message. And I'll try my best to answer.
Any questions related pirated Windows will be ignored because here at, we do not encourage piracy.

Anyhow, to prove that his install method works, spoiler, I have already upgraded the laptop and I'm typing this entire post with this laptop. Not that I like this shit anyway. (With the shitty keyboard and a damaged G key and a dead touchy-touchypad. I have it connected to a wireless keyboard and mouse for this purpose.)(Why is there an ad for me to install Google Chrome when the browser I'm using is clearly Chrome??!)
Here's a picture proof.

Anyhow, as of November 2015, you can actually key in your existing Windows 7 or 8/8.1 product key for a clean installation. Which means you'll be able to format your hard drive and still able to activate Windows. Unlike before when you have to use the install tool and select keep nothing to clear your apps and files during the upgrade. If you tried to format your hard drive and install Windows 10 directly from the disc, it will have trouble activating. I used the install tool when I upgraded my PC.

So once you got your files backed up and got the install disc ready, time to start the install process.
If you are on a laptop, I recommend you to keep it plugged connected to the wall adapter so you don't lose power during the install process. Also, disconnect all the devices from your USB ports except the keyboard and mouse so nothing will interfere with the install.

First, load your install disc into your DVD Drive. I'm using a DVD RW for this case.
If your computer does not have a disc drive(Like those ultrabooks), you can use a USB flash drive instead(Make sure it's properly formatted.).


I'll be using my phone camera from here since I can't take screenshots during the install process. Please excuse the flickering lines. It's not that my phone camera is bad, it just can't handle certain types of lights. Mainly the display refresh rate isn't matching with my phone camera.

Restart the computer. We will need to access the BIOS settings for this to force the computer to boot into the install disc.
When you power on your computer, you should see the logo for the manufacuturer for the laptop or motherboard(Appears right before the Starting Windows logo). That is called the splashscreen.

When you see the splashscreen, you have to press a key to get into the BIOS settings. The button will differ depending on the laptop or motherboard. Certain motherboards will mention what key to press. If it isn't said anywhere, check the users manual for your motherboard or laptop.
Most common keys would be the Delete key, F12, F11, etc. Again, check your motherboard/laptop user manual.
For this Asus laptop, I have to press F2

Now, for most BIOS, you have to use the arrow keys and Enter to navigate.
Go to your boot settings and you should see the boot priority option.
Set the DVD drive(Or USB device is you went for the USB install method) as the boot priority,
Save and exit the BIOS.

Your computer should now restart and boot into the install.
If prompted by the Press any key to boot from CD or DVD screen, just press any key.

If all is correct, you see see the new Windows logo instead.

It may take some time to load so be patient.

Now you'll be greeted by this screen to set your language, time and keyboard input method.
Select the right one depending on your region.

Next, click install now.

Then more loading....

If prompted to enter your product key, just key in your Windows 7/8/8.1 product key.

For Windows 7 users, you should be able to find the sticker for the product key under your laptop or around your PC case.

For Windows 8/8.1 users, there are no longer product key stickers that is affixed to your laptop/PC case.
However if you bought the product key for 8/8.1, you can check your order email to get the key.
Or else, check this link to see how you can find your product key.

If you are running pirated Windows, please.... f*ck off!

Once you keyed in your product key, you will see the licensing bullshit, just tick agree on that and click next.
(Nobody cares about the f*cking licensing agreements anyway so why bother showing that to us.To every company ever!)

If prompted by this screen to choose your install method, choose custom installation,

Click the drive/partition you want to install Windows 10 to. Make sure to format it first.
You can choose to make a new partition, dual boot Windows 10 with your existing Windows,
But normally, just install it on where your operating system is installed.
Just format that partition you need for the install or format the hard drive entirely.

For some laptops or prebuilt PCs, there will be a recovery Drive to restore the original operating system back to factory. I recommend you to keep that partition so if anything goes wrong, you can use that to recover your computer back to factory.

Once you formatted the drive you need for the install, click next and the install will begin.

It's normal to see the computer restart a few times during the install. Just bear with it.

Once the install is completed, you should be able to see the setup screen. It's safe to remove you install disc now(Remember to set your boot priority back to the hard drive in the BIOS)

Go through the setup process like you normally would. Connect to WiFi, etc.

If you see this screen, just click use Custom Settings and turn off everything for a better life.

If prompted to make a Microsoft account, you can make one but you can skip and make a local account as well.

Now let the setup finish up. It may take some time so you'll see a bunch of texts while loading that is supposed to be friendly and welcoming but in reality, it makes your blood boil and I really hope I can smash the shit out of this f*cking laptop when seeing all these. I WANT MY WINDOWS DESKTOP. NOT TEXTS!!!

After a urge of nearly destroy the laptop(I bet all of you are preparing your hammers too.), finally, you are in the desktop.

If done right, Windows 10 should be automaticlly activated using your Windows 7/8/8.1 key as a digital entitlement. That's what you want to see. Press start, click settings, then update and security, and click the activation tab to verify if you are activated or not.

If not, it may take some time to activate or you might keyed in the wrong product key. Just click change product key and retype the right key.
If you are running pirated Windows and still reading this......PLEASE F*CK OFF AND SEE A F*CKING DOCTOR!!!!

If you screen appears weird, that is normal. It'll be fixed later on
Windows Update should be running automaticly to find updates for most of your drivers. Especially for your graphics driver.
In the next part, I'll go through the finishing touches like downloading drivers,etc and finalizing the install.

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