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Interview with administrator GeTuP

By Mitrixsen 11/07/2019
Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last interview so I decided to write a new one ! This one will be with an old player and administrator - GeTuP!

Hello. Welcome to this interview! Could you introduce yourself to us?

Hello. My name is Michal, I'm 21 years old and I live in Ostrava, Czech Republic. I've got black hair and brown eyes :D.

Do you work or study?

I sadly work already. Student's worries-free times are over for 2 years now.

To what kind of middle school you went to?

I went to machining - engineering high school and I finished a subject focused on CNC machining.

What job do you do?

I work in the same sphere as I studied, so I am a CNC machinist.

Do you like your job?

That's a little bit difficult question :D. It's about fifty fifty. Of course, just like in any other job, there are days I wanna quit immediately, and never ever do anything like that ever again. But in the end I must admit it is quite interesting job. And mainly, it is not monotonous, so I could probably say I enjoy it a bit.

How do you spend your free time? Do you do any sports?

Sadly, not anything that's cool. Just the classic stuffs. Friends, family, girlfriend and I play computer games, even though I haven't really got much time to play these days. And I love traveling. And... No, I don't do any sports, I'm a lazy ass.

What places did you visit? What did you like about them the most?

I've only been to Poland, Philippines and to Spain a million times. About Spain, I really like their view about life, they simply don't care about anything :D. You have no work and almost nothing to eat? Doesn't matter. I've quite often seen people talking about not having a job, not having money, which is okay, quite normal, except the fact they won't ever give up any of their "luxury". So while talking about not having a job, they still get their beer - 4€, coffee - 2€ and cigarettes for 5€ :D. About the Philippines, there's not much things to talk about, just take a look on the internet :). Beautiful country, lots of beautiful nature, breathtaking beaches, extremely friendly people, one could say, almost a paradise on the earth :D, except for the internet. If you're going to go there, please get used to internet "sending a message on Facebook takes about 10 seconds."

Do you watch any movies or series?

I don't watch movies at all :D. I've really seen only a few movies in my whole life. About serials, nothing special too. I've watched all episodes of My Name is Earl at least a hundred times, the big bang theory and the simpsons - of course :D.

And what about Chernobyl series? Have you heard about them?

I've heard about it and I surely am planning to check it out, sadly I've got no time for it now, but I've heard it's really cool. And chernobyl itself is very interesting, I'm even planning to visit it one day... Well, after there are not so many tourists because of the series :D.

What is your favorite music genre?

I listen to all genres of music. Rock, pop, techno, simply everything. I don't exactly have my favorite genre or style, but if I has to choose one, it would definitely be Alan Walker, you can never be disappointed of him :D.

What is your favorite song from Alan Walker?

Ignite and Lily. These two, I can listen to them all day long and never get bored of it.

Have you got any dreams that you want to accomplish?

To become a millionaire and travel a lot :D.

You told us that you also spend your free time by playing video games. What kind of games do you currently play?

Besides GTA, I've recently started playing Cities Skylines from time to time, but nothing else than that. As I've mentioned earlier, I haven't got much time for playing, mostly because of work.

What is City Skylines about?

Its a city building strategy, very similar game to Sim City, just a little bit more detailed, but it still is a little bit older game. I sadly currently don't have a computer that can run any newer games :D.

Alright. Lets get into GTA. When did you first find out about GTA Samp?

It was back in 2010, when I was just randomly scrolling on my Facebook and I noticed that one of my friends posted a screenshot from gta, but there was something weird in it... And it was the chat in left top corner. I was staring at it like an idiot, I had no clue how :D. San Andreas Multiplayer? Whaaaaaaat. I immediately started googling "gta multiplayer", and the first page that appeared on my screen was Well, and here I am.

Have you also finished the SinglePlayer?

I've never finished singleplayer. Sadly. I've got no patience for that. I tried many times, but I always got to about tenth mission, and I got bored of it.

What other GTA games did you play?

I used to play vice city, gta IV and gta V. My gaming time in vice city was about an hour, gta IV about 30 minutes and gta V about 10 minutes :D. When someone says GTA I always think of San Andreas and nothing can persuade me that it isn't true. :D

Lets get back into 2010. Can you tell us something about your beginning on WTLS? How was it like?

It was difficult. I had absolutely no clue what am I supposed to do. I was 12 years old, so just getting to know how to open chat took me about 15 minutes :D. I enjoyed the idea of being able to do whatever I want to just like in singleplayer, but I'm not alone. I can remember I enjoyed cop job the most and another of my main incomes was printing counterfeit money.

What did you like on WTLS?

I mentioned in one of the previous questions, it was Google who told me about it in the beginning, I had no idea there might be more than one servers. Some time in about 2011/2012, I tried also some other samp servers, but none of them was as enjoyable as this one. Mainly for the fact, that the community here was close to each other. Everybody knew everyone, everybody chatted with everyone, the admin team was really great, no cheaters, there were updates often, which, sadly, or actually, thankfully, wasn't very common on other servers. Also, I didn't enjoy other servers as they were all the same. Police job, some gangster and that's it. The coolest feature on other servers was when once in a while there appeared a message in chat "how much is 5+9?" and the first one to answer won money, well, and that was kind of boring.

Why did you switch from S1 to S3?

It was back in 2015, when I was being really successful in S1. I had more than enough of everything, a lot of money, some houses, cars and well it kinds got boring. So I decided to visit our English speaking admin team - mates and to just check out how do our English servers work and maybe even improve my English a little. Just after a few hours, I began to like their community, I chatted with many players, everyone was so kind and friendly :D. Anyway, there was a big problem - my English skillz, it was, let's be honest, terrible. So I thought that by practicing it, it possibly might get better. So I frequently started playing there, I got to meet many new people, and they made me enjoy it there more and more. In the first days it was our beloved manager theseus, who guided me through the server, and after a few days, also our lovely helper Deniseee... Well, and thanks to her, I had definitely moved to S3 for good.

Tell us something about Deniseee and Theseus.

It didn't take much time to become friends with Mike - Theseus :D. I guess you guys all know he is a pilot, and this fact, together with my passion for airplanes and flying itself, was a love at first sight. He's a really good guy, I don't really know what else to add as it's useless anyway, I think everybody knows him enough. Deniseee is a player with whom I really enjoyed chatting and playing together. We spent aloooooot of time playing together, chatting for long times, and, we do chat until today :). Most of the S3 players know how it is between us, so I wouldn't talk about it much anymore, as those who do know, know, those who want to know, will get to know, and those who don't care.. They don't care :D.

How do you spend your time on WTLS?

I really enjoy heists, burglars and collecting hidden packages. Whenever I need to take a break, my favorite activity is turfing. My gang is rifa, if anybody wonders :D. Anyway, most of the time I'm on the server, I do admining.

How do you spend money on WTLS?

On houses and cars, I currently have about 10 houses on S3, so most of my expenses are house renewals, alternatively buying shop items for my cars. From time to time I stop by at pig pen and spend a few dollars there. But do not tell Deniseee please.

You are currently an administrator on our servers. Can you tell us. Where did it all began?

My very first time in admin team was in summer 2013. I was quite lucky, because by this time, the admin team was lacking members badly, so after approximately a month of being helper, I got promoted to moderator. I anyway didn't stay for long time and left after 3 months due to inactivity. Then I joined AT again in October 2014, got promoted to administrator in January 2015, and kept my position until May 2016, when I left due to inactivity again. Well, and now I currently am administrator again since October 2018.

What do you think about the current administration team?

Tricky question :D. I'm a bit speechless, I don't know what to answer. It surely is good. Admins are always picked from the best possible candidates, and nobody can't get there by a mistake. I'm satisfied with the current team.

Would you like to become a lead administrator one day?

Of course. IMHO, if I didn't want to, there would have to be something wrong :D. Everybody who ever gets any position is willing to achieve as high position as possible, and I am not any exception :).

And the last question. How did you came up with your nickname - GeTuP?

Dammit! I was secretly hoping that you won't ask me this question :D. I can't answer, because I have no idea. For the first time I joined wtls, my nickname was CjBoy. Yes, haha, very funny, clap clap. I was 12 that time. Please take that into consideration. :D. Also it made sense, because I joined together with 2 of my friends, and their names was DjBoy and the third one was somethingBoy :D. Then later when I used to play other games with my friend, we used Bart_Simpson and Nelson, again, I was 13, so please don't laugh :D. Well and then the right time came that I needed a more mature nickname, so I came out with GeTuP. Please don't ask me how. I have no idea. It doesn't make any sense, isn't related to any event, to my name or to anything, simply random thought.

Now. Tell me your favorite weapon in the game, event, car, motorbike, heist and your favorite minigane!

Favorite weapon: Silenced pistol
Favorite event: Fallout
Favorite car: Sultan
Favorite motorbike: NRG-500
Favorite heist: Small bank
Favorite minigame: Survival

Alright GeTuP. Thats all for this interview. Thank you so much and have a good rest of the day ! :)

Who would you like to see in the next interview? Leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading ! :)

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Level 72 05/09/2019 10:37 AM
Interview with Parker
Level 42 23/07/2019 02:26 AM
Who would you like to see in the next interview? Leave a comment down below.
Khayrou or Trent24 :d
TheGreatt TheGreatt
Level 63 16/07/2019 08:55 AM
except for the internet. If you're going to go there, please get used to internet "sending a message on Facebook takes about 10 seconds."
this is so damn true, and we're glad he likes philippines beautiful place and others except Internet :D.
Dark3T Dark3T
Level 31 16/07/2019 02:10 AM
Maniti Maniti
Level 45 15/07/2019 07:33 PM
Nice one. cg
MiKe00 MiKe00
Level 89 12/07/2019 11:13 PM
Varshaith18 Varshaith18
Level 57 12/07/2019 06:48 PM
Its a bit funny interview :)
Try interviewing niCe or Theseus
VeNoMz VeNoMz
Level 56 12/07/2019 04:29 PM
Interviewed with Parker
Siptarr1 Siptarr1
Level 72 12/07/2019 03:28 PM
Interviewed with Parker
Shubham1 Shubham1
Level 86 12/07/2019 11:31 AM
Favorite weapon: Silenced pistol

No wonder why you left s1
Just kidding xD
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