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Interview with administrator xNelson

By Mitrixsen 06/09/2020
The day after tomorrow is 8.9, which is exactly two months since the last interview was published. This time im interviewing administrator xNelson!

don't worry, i didn't forget about the voucher :)

1. Hello and welcome to today's interview! First of all, I would like to thank you for accepting my offer to be interviewed, could you introduce yourself to us in short?

My name is Nelson and I am an Admin in Czech/English servers.

2. About your personal life, how would you describe a normal day in your life? How do you spend your free time, what hobbies do you have, etc.. Tell us all about it!

Well normally I would just spend my time studying in college but now that I'm at home I either just play on WTLS or just play the piano when I'm free

3. What exactly are you studying at the moment?

Right now I am studying computer science/Python programming and I'm really enjoying it, I am also studying the music industry

4. As far as I know, python can be used to develop alot of things, what is your point of interest? What exactly would you want to develop in the future?

Well I was thinking of developing a mobile game actually, I feel like if I spent a lot of time on this project it might actually turn out well. The game will be a racing genre type and I will be planning to publish it on google play as I am an android user myself and not familiar with iPhones

5. Would you rather work for a gaming company or have your own company and why

I would rather create my own company because the amount of profit I would gain myself would be much more than the amount I would get if I worked for a company and I don't like working under someone else's ideas I would rather share my own ideas so that they can be heard you know

6. You've also mentioned that one of your hobbies is playing the Piano, why Piano? How long have you been playing it?

Ahh I've also loved playing that instrument since I was 6 I started learning from that age and never stopped playing since, I play all kinds of songs.

7. Did your free time or the way you spend your free time change somehow due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

It changed so much and I didn't think it would last so much I can't even go out and get some fresh air without wearing a mask, It's just ridiculous but I hope everything will be ok soon

8. Let's move forward to GTA. How did you first find about this game genre?

Well I started playing all the gta games since I was 10 I started from gta 3 to gta vice city to gta san andreas I wanted to go on so I also downloaded Gta IV but then I realized that my computer couldn't run it so I decided to just stick with gta san andreas. My favorite GTA is GTA IV I just love the storyline as I've watched it on YouTube and I wish that one day I will get to play it

9. When did you first find out about SA-MP? What brought you to SA-MP and our server in general?

Well when I was 11 I kept watching yt videos about GTA san Andreas singleplayer and i found out about SAMP so I downloaded it and I was looking for english server and I found it but I didn't add it as my favorites and I forgot the name of the server this was in 2016.. Then a year later I was curious abd wanted to find the server again and all I remembered was that the server had a gta iv feature, so I joined every English server then tried to use a phone and eventually I found it but this time I added it to my favourites

10. What was so cool about the server that you've decided to stick with it for the next years?

I think the cool thing about the servers is how it's more interactive and how most of the features don't depend on commands to function I also found the website and loved the way it was fun and easy to use on both mobile devices and computers.

11. Since you mentioned websites, what is your favorite feature on the website and why?

Well my favorite feature is the other currency on the website such as USD,CZK etc. and how it can be used to purchase a lot of items on the website.

12. Alright, let's go back to the game questions. Can you describe how did your first hour on WTLS go? What was the first feature you've tried out, what was your favorite one, etc

Ahh mate my first hour I decided to try out some jobs and found my favorite one which was thr Valet job I kept doing it until some guy (won't mention his name) started the valet job and we started fighting about who would park the vehicle but eventually he killed me but then I went there again after that and we agreed on having turns for the parking but after he parked his vehicle and it was my turn the dude killed me and I was like WTF then I decided to just rage-quit couldn't take that nomore xD.

13. How long did the job last out to you? :D Do you still do it nowadays? What other things do you use to do when you are online

Nah I barely do the job now when I'm online I mostly just do admin stuff or gamble when I'm bored

14. About gambling, what gambling minigame is your favorite and why?

I prefer lottery because Im used to guessing the winning numbers and I can win a lot from it. :D

15. What about losing? Have you ever lost a big amount of money because of lotto? :D

Ahh Yes I have and I"m sure every gambler in WTLS has lost as much but money comes and goes so whenever I lose I just try again and never give up

16. How do you use to spend the money you earn from the lottery?

I would normally buy a lot of cars and upgrades but I normally just give some if it away to players in events or contests that I create (and obviously buy more lotto).

17. What types of contests do you create? Have you got one that you are really proud of? Or let's just say, have you got a favorite one?

Yes with the help of DJ Yahyaa I have created a xMicro event it's one of my favorite events and I hope you'll like it too here is the link:

18. About your admin position, where did it all begin? When did you first apply for helper? What led you to that decision?

well I applied for helper because I always liked helping players in anyway I could and being part of the staff would improve my helping skills, I remember the day I got promoted to moderator, I went ingame and was shocked and confused but overall really happy and excited for the opportunity after I checked web for instructions and rules it wasn't so difficult after that

19. How do you feel as an admin now? You have much more responsibilities than you used to have.

Yes I have a lot of responsibilties now especially when it is about banning a player. Most players think that it's pretty easy to just ban a player just because you really want him to be banned but they don't know the work I have to do behind the ban such as providing proof for example.

20. Yes, I must agree with you on that one, some bans can take time to be approved but all cheaters get banned eventually. Well tell us, what is the worst/most annoying types of conflicts that you have to deal with in your opinion?

Scams. Some scams are so stupid and idiotic and the dumbest thing is how the victim falls into such scams but I really like to put all scammers to justice in the end. If you are a scammer out there stop now or I will come for you

21. What do you think about the newly added car workshops? do you think they are worth it?

well I do think that it's profitable but it can take some time I just started using it recently but you just have to be patient and get the lowly damaged vehicles to make some profit

22. Alright, we are nearly at the end of the interview. What do you think about the interviews blog? Have you ready any of my interviews? What do you think about them?

I love your interviews always wanted to be here and I don't think it anything needs to be changed.

23. Is there someone who would you like to see in the next interview?

I would like bull to be interviewed next noone knows anything about him

24. Alright, that's pretty much for this interview, thank you so much for participating! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview here is a voucher for yall and shoutout to Roadmandan innit: 4DEMANDEM

Thanks for reading!

please let me know in the comments, who would you like to see in the next interview aswell, i'l constantly read those comments and keep them in mind :)
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xNelsoN xNelsoN
Level 123 17/09/2020 04:35 PM
the cringe is real
Keep hating but I don't understand what you are getting out of it.
Deadlydemon Deadlydemon
Level 37 17/09/2020 10:50 AM
the cringe is real
Notaaaaaa Notaaaaaa
Level 64 16/09/2020 07:55 AM
I"m sure every gambler in WTLS has lost as much but money comes and goes so whenever I lose I just try again and never give up
Thats why now i have 200k :kekw:
NinjaMan11 NinjaMan11
Level 52 13/09/2020 07:57 AM
Rasol Rasol
Level 21 10/09/2020 10:07 PM
xBadshah xBadshah
Level 78 10/09/2020 09:58 PM
Good Stufff
DraXler DraXler
Level 55 09/09/2020 07:57 AM
iHunt iHunt
Level 51 08/09/2020 07:42 PM
Nelson is torash kidder
Tuck Tuck
Level 42 08/09/2020 10:29 AM
everyone loves nelson for a reason :)
most of us like him because he is nice unlike u who loves it cuz of his footlong
xMorpheus xMorpheus
Level 38 08/09/2020 03:36 AM
nelson is not admin he is lying!!
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