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Interview with Showzer

By Andromeda 30/06/2020
Hello everyone! This time, we are not interviewing a staff member but a popular player, Showzer! From now on, I will be running a contest in the end of my each interview. First one to guess who I will interview in my next blog post, will earn 2.50 USDs so type your guesses in comments!

It might be:
-An old player.(2012 or 2013 registered)
-A helper.
-A new moderator.
-Or as usual, an administrator.

Good luck!

Hello, thank you for accepting my offer of doing an interview. So you know how it goes, we need you to introduce yourself so we will have an idea who are we talking to, there you go.
-Hi, I'm your everyday otaku, a boy who occupies himself with his computer all day by playing video games and watching anime.

So we got an anime lover here?

So where does the name Showzer come from? Is it a name that you made up or does it come from an anime?
-I made up the name "Showzer" when I was 9 year old, I've no idea how it came to my mind but since I was looking for a name to use on the internet and no one used it I chose that one.

Great, I wish I could stick up with a name and use it for a long time...
-It's all about creativity, so you can actually be happy for having this much names, idk.

So, Showzer, how did you meet San Andreas Multiplayer and why are you playing this game when there are tons of other multiplayer games?
-Since childhood I was only playing League of legends with my real life friends, but 3 years ago my friends stopped playing with me so it kinda got boring, when I asked them the reason they said they found out Sa-mp and they couldn't stop babbling about how fun it was so I decided to give it a shot.

Did you find out why they weren't able to babble out?
-I feel like they were exaggerating just to make me play with them, all they did was turf all day in s1 and they were barely fighting any people.

How could you manage to discover that an english server exists while playing with those guys?
-I was only playing s1, that was in 2017 before all of my country got banned. When that happened I moved to s2 and they left the game because they couldn't accept the loss of their stats.

Unlucky and lucky in the same time I guess. Anyway, how did it feel to make a fresh start on S2?
-Moving to s2 is a very good decision and I'm thankful for not moving to s3 I guess, the main reason I didn't is because I couldn't use sawn-off. A fresh start was not as bad as I thought, discovering the game features and exploring everything by your self is better than following your friends in one activity they like

Do you remember how was your first week on S2?
-Yes I do, I was addicted to gambling (which I still am to this day), I would spend a few hours turfing and after earning a decent amount of money I would sit on that roulette table, if I lost I would call it a day, if I won I would continue gambling.

I know that feeling I guess :D So, about gambling, which ways do you mostly prefer to gamble?
-My favorite ways of gambling in general are Poker texas holdem and /randompackage, I can use any other tool though

So other than gambling, what do you usually do when you are online?
-I get money to gamble. :D

And how do you do that?
-Ceo works, events, sitting in a limo. Sometimes I hold a money zone or search for the moneybag.

I realized that you play here very often and spend your most of the time here, if I'm not wrong. What made you be impressed about WTLS so you got a habit of playing here this much?
-Gambling, I guess. I earn, I gamble, I earn again, I gamble again and the time passes..

And how did you discover that there is a gambling system on WTLS?
-My friends were gambling so I decided to join them.

How was your first gambling experience?
-I have lost 2.000.000$, the cash I have earned in a week...

How did you feel after losing it?
-I felt like killing myself

Well... Why did you keep going there then?
-Gambling is all about risking. You won't know what you'll get unless you try. I've always had this mindset since this day, so when I gamble I never expect to win and I cover my losses with "Next time for sure".

What will happen when you win?
-Depends on how much I win. Most of the times I would gamble more with the money that I won

So you don't have a point to stop?
-I mean when I get a decent amount of money I'll probably invest it either on lotto or cars or maybe minigun..

How does your gambling journey go these days?
-These days, I prefer to buy random packages or I go for roulette if I don't feel like playing roulette. Oh, and of course there is blackjack!

How many random packages did you open approximately, in all time?
-I guess, 500?

What is the best thing you have ever won?
-LVPD with color 220.

What did you do with it?
-Of course, sold.

For how much?

What have you done with the money?
-I have bought a few ceo works in my temporary organization which I left now. I bought about 2k minigun, about 8 ft cars including a ft rustler, I won 90m lotto so I bought more minigun and I remember the rest went to lotto and random packages

So what is your biggest win and lose in gambling?
-My biggest win is 20m from only $200,000 using only roulette. I don't remember my biggest loss because I have so many.

Well I guess, we have spoken enough about gambling. I guess you enjoy deathmatching so do you join any gangs?
-Yep, I join Aztecas very often.

Why Aztecas?
-Some people I'm friends with are there so it's kind of fun to fight with them.

Who are the best members of Aztecas, in your opinion?
-Zocki and Ariwish.

And who is your favourite player of all time?
-How do you dare to ask that? Of course it is Zocki.

Alright :D, what is your favourite way of fighting?
-Normally I'd fight with normal guns (micro smg, combat shotgun and chainsaw)but my favorite way of killing people is doing it with a Hunter.

So all you do in game is gambling and joining gangs, (like me) let's stop talking about the game. Are you working or studying currently?
-I am studying at high school.

Have you got plans for the future, any universities such as engineering or med?
-Not really I haven't decided on anything yet, but recently I thought to my self to do language translating in the future if I can improve my French and English more to a level where I could speak like my native. Still not sure about this decision though

Being a translator would be great, countless languages to learn so you can always improve yourself until the end of your life. So what made you learn French and English?
-In Tunisia, French is everyone's second language. We start learning it from the first year of primary school alongside Arabic so that makes English the third language which most people struggle with including myself in my country.

What do you do or planning to do to improve your foreign languages?
-80% of the English I know is from the internet like social media, watching subbed series (anime) and so on. I'm planning on reading French and Arabic books starting from next year to get better at them.

What about our servers? Did they contribute your English?
-Yes, mostly forums.

Anyways, it's been a long interview already and I'd like to keep my interviews short so I will ask you few questions more and we are done.

If you could change something on the server, what would it be?
-I would change the punishments for quitting to avoid death and afk abusing I guess, because some people constantly quit to avoid death when they are about to die every time they're about to die. It's true that the server deals with it but it's possible that you chainsaw the player and they had minigun on them which is a loss for you.

-And there are some cases where afk abuse can save you. For example going afk before the fight starts which you know you can't win.

So, Showzer, thank you for accepting my offer and doing this interview with me, it was fun!

-My pleasure, I must say that you were good at bringing topics out so I didn't even notice how the time passed.

Favourite weapon: Hunter's minigun
Favourite vehicle: Hunter
Favourite event: Hunter survival
Favourite in-game website: War stock, only for Hunter
Favourite activity: Buying a hunter from shop when there are no planes left on the airport.
Favourite player: Zocki

Don't forget to make a guess on who I will interview next time, and make a comment about it. Only the first one who guesses it correct, will earn 2.50 USDs when I publish the next interview!
Good luck!

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m sure jessi gonna be next
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