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Interview with the new moderators - 08/2019 !

By Mitrixsen 03/09/2019
Hello everyone and welcome to another interview! I haven't posted for a while which I am really sorry for. I have decided to leave a voucher for you - MFGKAYOOQQWE (enjoy)
This interview is gonna be with the new moderators - Hunky and DeadMouse. This is a new kind of an interview, so let me know in the comments whenever you like it or not.

1. Welcome to today's interview! Could you introduce yourself to us, so that we know who is this interview with?

DeadMouse: Hello! I'm DeadMouse from server 2, I'm 23 years old, 174 centimeters tall, 70 kilos and I live in Vietnam.

Hunky: Hello, this is Hunky from S2. I was promoted to moderator a few days ago, currently I'm 17 years old (about to turn 18) and live in Liguria, Italy. I've known niCe's servers for years but never linked my account until 2018. I've been a SA-MP player since I was 9 years old, fell in love with it the moment I connected to my first server in January of 2011. Overall I can safely say I've played the game for almost 20k hours in total.

2. You woke up one day, enjoyed your day and suddenly you noticed a message from niCe that included the moderator position offer. What were your first feelings?

DeadMouse: Ah yes! It was a great day when I was just woke up in the morning, logged in the forums then realized that niCe sent me a private message and of course I was so happy and feeling proud of myself. I have been playing here since 2012, my friend invited me to join Server 2 to play with him and I found that everything in this community was so awesome and I want to stick with it. I want to help people, contribute to this community.

Hunky: [i]I was initially terrified because I thought it couldn't be anything good since, for the first time ever, niCe messaged me first, but luckily I was wrong! I was obviously happy once I read the message, however I felt more relieved than anything because that meant I could finally take care of more things as a moderator and be of more help to the community (it was a time where I was losing interest in the game and being less active).

3. Were you thinking whenever to accept the offer or not?

DeadMouse: You also know that as a Moderator, there will be a lot of things to take care of but the most important thing is RESPONSIBILITY. You need to know before accepting a Mod offer you have to think carefully about it because this position requires careful handling. After thinking carefully, I decided to take the responsibility and I believe I would give it my best.

Hunky: I accepted the offer immediately, I knew that I was ready for the position considering I've already had previous experiences both as a moderator and administrator in other servers.

4. How do you feel as a moderator now? New functions, commands, reports.

DeadMouse: Definitely that It's not easy to remember all the commands and and it will take me a little bit of time to get used to the new functions but I'm feeling good right now, I'm still learning.

Hunky: It was a bit confusing at first, there was a lot to read so I didn't join the server until I was 100% sure I knew how to perfectly handle every situation. When I finally joined the server for the first time after being promoted, I was the only moderator online and there were more than 250 players connected... I thought there would be complete chaos, but in reality it wasn't that bad; it turned out well, though I had to dedicate myself entirely to the job. Everything became more natural and easy in the days that followed.

5. After signing the admin code you joined the server. What was the first new thing that you have noticed? Players reaction, admins reaction, reports.

DeadMouse: Oh right, when I was just connected to the server I received many congratulations from my friends and people who know me. After that I tried to get used to the new function and reports from players, I was a little bit confused and of course there were experienced Moderators/Administrators ingame that helped/supported me.

Hunky: The first thing I noticed was how much the chat had changed, not much later I received the first report and players congratulated me whenever I would use a cmd to either mute a player or cancel a vote, probably because that's when most of them realized I got promoted. So far I've only received support and positive comments, but I'm sure there are some who weren't happy with my promotion that just chose not to make it known...

6. What do you think about the other administrators? Do you have respect towards them?

DeadMouse: "Respect" the thing I will put 100 percent on the top. I always respect other players, people around me and and especially the Staff members, they are good, they have experiences in management. We're a team and when you're part of a team, it means you have to help and respect each others, that's what I always wanted to do.

Hunky: I have great admiration for the majority of administrators and lead administrators. I say "the majority" because unfortunately there are also some who are not worthy of my respect, which I am not afraid to admit. I know it's sad to hear, I really wish it could be otherwise but I cannot lie about it... luckily it's just a few, I won't name them for obvious reasons but they most likely know who they are. This, however, won't affect the way we communicate about most things, especially those regarding administration: we are a team and will continue to act as such.

7. Do you plan to keep helping players or will you leave that to our helpers?

DeadMouse: Definitely yes, I will keep helping players. I know once we become Moderator/Administrator there will be a lot of things to handle, we will be more busy with checking reports,... but it doesn't mean that we don't help players when they need help

Hunky: I usually just leave that to the helpers, however, if I see that a player goes unnoticed for too long I will proceed to help them in PMs, to avoid discouraging those that might have been late to give an answer. I remember how annoying it was when, as a helper, I wasn't the first to answer a question, sometimes it would even make me delete the entire message if it didn't contain any additional information... I still preferred helping via PMs though, as it allowed for longer conversations where I could explain stuff in greater detail. After being promoted I also kept my PMs unblocked so I could answer any question players asked me directly.

8. How is it to solve players problems and reports?

DeadMouse: I feel happy when I help others. I used to be a newbie too (in 2011/2012) so I could understand how important is it to help people, and when they say like "thank you", "the problem is solved", it makes me happy all day :D

Hunky: Being thanked by a player after successfully solving their problem gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment, which is really just the best. We don't receive as many reports as you may think, so managing them is actually not that hard.

9. Every moderator has to sign the admin code and stick to it. Do you respect the admin code, and will you do your best to not to violate it?

DeadMouse: Yes, as I said, I always put the respect above all, especially all the rules.

Hunky: The admin code is fair, there is absolutely no reason to violate any of its rules, therefore I will try my best to respect it and not cause any trouble.

10. What would you do, if you were kicked out of the admin team because of the violation of the admin code

DeadMouse: I will still be happy, helping people, stay active but I think I won't let it happen

Hunky: If that ever happened, depending on the reason for my demotion I might decide to dispute it or just accept it and move on. However, once the administrators have made their decision there's really nothing that can be done. I would continue to play as a regular player, but would probably be much less active - I'm not the kind of person that would start breaking rules out of spite, even if I got fired for the dumbest reason.

11. What do you think about the administrator position? Would you ever like to become an adminsitrator?

DeadMouse: I think good Administrators need to be proactive in managing, solving problems, as well as being reliable. Administrator's role is more extensive than moderators for sure so they need to be more careful and assertive, and for the second question I hope that in the near future I will be :))

Hunky: There's not much difference between a moderator and an administrator, but I would obviously like to be promoted one day as it's still a direct upgrade to the former rank, mostly because I would finally be able to make my own decisions and not have to rely on someone else for banning players. That doesn't mean administrators have it easy, they've still got many more things to take care of, which I would love to help with.

12. Every moderator had to become a helper. Why did you decide to apply for the helper position?

DeadMouse: I wanted to help people, contribute to this community, I was promoted to Helper in early April this year. And now after trying hard x100 I've been promoted to Moderator, I feel worthy of what I have done :D

Hunky: I've never applied for the helper position, on the 16th of April one of the administrators messaged me in game asking if I wanted to be one... it came out of nowhere but I accepted the offer rather quickly. I was already thinking about applying at the time, I just wanted to make sure of a few things first. To this day I'm still wondering what they saw in me, I was very inactive in chat and barely knew anybody in the server.

Alright guys. Thank you so much for your time and goodluck with the moderator position!

Let me know in the comments whenver you like this new kind of an interview or not :D thanks!

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Comments (26)

XXXtentacioN999 XXXtentacioN999
Level 51 27/05/2020 02:42 PM
You have done a lot of Interviews with Administrators and Moderators,when are you going to to the ones for the helpers and players:D.
PS: This is a nice interview
xNinJa xNinJa
Level 70 23/04/2020 02:08 PM
Amazing interview !!!
NasimRahib NasimRahib
Level 67 10/03/2020 10:16 AM
Interview with Moderator Mashhu , Maybe it will be a great Interview :)
LoryMK LoryMK
Level 65 27/09/2019 06:18 PM
Interview with new mods 2?
BoosT247 BoosT247
Level 68 07/09/2019 10:47 AM
Interview HoLY or Khayrou next :)
Flori Flori
Level 62 06/09/2019 09:24 PM
This interview seems even more bland than ever, despite having an extra interviewee. I would say all 12 questions seemed like the VERY SAME QUESTION over and over again. An...
and lose their rank? shh bro
Uldiiis Uldiiis
Level 100 06/09/2019 07:38 PM
This interview seems even more bland than ever, despite having an extra interviewee. I would say all 12 questions seemed like the VERY SAME QUESTION over and over again. And really did not offer a good insight to either one of the guys, in my opinion atleast.
I feel like the main focus of these interviews should be on the players outside the game not so much as to what they are like in-game. Majority of players will have the same answer to "How did you start playing?" "What do you think of other administrators?", etc.
At the end of the whole interview I do not feel like you interviewed DeadMouse and Hunky, I feel like you interviewed their robot-like copies that just kept on giving politically correct answers rather than generous ones.
I assume that's the downside of having only text interview since it seems to lack the personality therefore, coming back to the beginging of what I said - making the whole thing seem very bland.
Still kudos to you for putting these out since they are much more enjoyable than hundreds of blogs about helping out new players. I just hope in the future you can dig deeper into the personality of the ones you interview to truly make an unique story and so that us, the reader, can have a new perception of the person on the server rather just an exact copy of their in-game persona.
xTaha xTaha
Level 79 06/09/2019 01:59 PM
Great one, I'm waiting for mitrixsen's interview
Maniti Maniti
Level 67 06/09/2019 11:36 AM
GG DeadMouse
GG Hunky
GGG Mitrixsen
Good Job guys
CrocoDile CrocoDile
Level 7 06/09/2019 06:59 AM
' having interview like this is awesome especialy To moderators this kinda we were notice there feelings
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