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Advertisement #1

By Sheikh 27/06/2020
Hello, as it's getting pretty hard to sell stuff in game (specially if it's expensive stuff, you would have to stay on to keep advertising and repeat your message to find a good price), i decided to just post mine here, so everyone can see it and i won't have to repeat anything.

Advertising: 4 Houses in Commerce / Downtown Los Santos,

Description: All four houses include Slots. The Days of houses will be shown in images.
Note: The days of the houses would be different as the days keeps dropping.

Server: S3


(The images above shows the location and exteriors of the houses)

(The images below will show you the details of houses, the images were taken about 24 hours ago.)

Note: House 1023, and house 137 got default interiors and 1024, 1025 got Large 7 on both, but all houses will be sold as set and for same prices (Message me privately if you want them separately as i may change my mind)

I have some offers already, but i'll see how this goes on.

Buy all of them now for: 250m

if there's an war going on in comments for offers and the price exceeds 250mm the highest bidder wins (Note: i will give all the players including the bidders 24 hours to place an higher offer or the highest bidder wins.)

If theres not lots of offers and a week has passed, i might decide to add some discount.

And please only message me here, if you want to place and offer or talk about something, not in game.

Message me for more info.

Please don't post any stupid comments, if your not interested don't post.

Update: The image below will show you the latest days of all the houses

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Comments (24)

StevenJACK StevenJACK
Level 54 26/10/2020 04:03 AM
DraXler DraXler
Level 58 25/10/2020 01:44 PM
nice houses for Youn1que
IamCriminal IamCriminal
Level 29 23/10/2020 08:42 PM
nice bro but i m poor :c
Sheikh Sheikh
Level 87 23/10/2020 03:12 PM
I'm decreasing the starting offer for all four of these houses to 160m! If you have any other offers please leave them here aswell.
MrPablo MrPablo
Level 52 22/10/2020 11:51 PM
Sadly im too poor
LegendaSK LegendaSK
Level 91 22/10/2020 05:31 PM
Nicely spelled out
iCloaKz iCloaKz
Level 62 21/10/2020 10:01 PM
Need to add something real quick

The days of the houses are 170-180days, and the starting offer will be 170m for all 4 of them, if interested, please place your offer here!
House no. 1024 and 1025 has 260 days (renewed) and House no. 1023 and 137 has 170 days left rn
Sheikh Sheikh
Level 87 13/10/2020 08:31 AM
The days of the houses are 170-180days, and the starting offer will be 170m for all 4 of them, if interested, please place your offer here!
Fandango Fandango
Level 66 13/10/2020 01:18 AM
Wauw nice houses.
Never saw someone on any server own them all 4.
Pretty sad i'm a S2 player.
It's a good price.
Oussama21 Oussama21
Level 60 13/10/2020 12:49 AM
nice houses
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