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Hidden Packages

By iGeek912 15/05/2018
Hello players, today we gonna talk about the Hidden packages in our servers.
First of all you have to understand that just like the Horseshoes, Snapshots.. The packages get collected all the time by other online players.

Hidden Packages are a type of collectibles and it's one of the greatest features in our servers, we can find them all around SA map. They are small pick-ups that have a form of a little mayas green statue (You'll find a picture of it below) and in order to collect one you need just to walk through it. By collecting them you will get different weapons with small amounts of bullets and a little amount of XP.

There is a list of the weapons that can be found with the amount of bullets (Doubled for premium players) :
-9mm Pistol with 30 ammo
-Silenced Pistol with 30 ammo
-Desert eagle with 30 ammo
-Shotgun with 30 ammo
-Sawn-off shotgun with 20 ammo
-Combat shotgun with 30 ammo
-Tec9 with 60 ammo
-Micro-SMG with 60 ammo
-SMG with 60 ammo
-M4 with 60 ammo
-Ak47 with 60 ammo
-Rifle with 30 ammo
-Sniper rifle with 20 ammo
-Rocket Launcher with 5 ammo
-Mini-Gun with 10 ammo
-Flamethrower with 20 ammo
-10 Grenades
-10 Cocktail molotoves

Here is to what a Hidden Package looks like :

And here is a map that shows up the locations of the packages :

Tips :

-A Jetpack or a helicopter will make collecting the packages more easy.
-Collecting packages in the night server times is much better cause at these times there is not so many online players.
Pros and Cons :
-You can find some good guns in the hidden packages like the Minigun, Rpg..etc
-Many Players collect them especially in server morning times.
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Comments (10)

Bull24 Bull24
Level 78 13/06/2018 12:52 AM
Easy mg :)
SpeedClaude SpeedClaude
Level 29 18/05/2018 02:08 PM
easy packages
iGeek912 iGeek912
Level 68 17/05/2018 10:19 PM
rengar already made one about it
Rengar made one about weapons in general, but me I based on the Packages
Winter Winter
Level 52 17/05/2018 05:27 PM
rengar already made one about it
Pupps69 Pupps69
Level 43 17/05/2018 01:07 AM
Cool ,Love it
ViFluKeY ViFluKeY
Level 108 16/05/2018 08:35 PM
Good job buddy
Shinobi Shinobi
Level 106 16/05/2018 06:25 PM
Dashing Dashing
Level 81 15/05/2018 11:41 PM
Nice one buddy, keep it up!
Apple69 Apple69
Level 118 15/05/2018 11:22 PM
Nicely done doe!
Vegeta Vegeta
Level 70 15/05/2018 10:58 PM
Nice one mate

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