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Added: 1 hour ago --- Suggestions ---

Hello, Whenever buzzing to a hotel, we should be able to choose which player's...

Added: 05/05/2020 Need help

Hey, In order not to lose your files, you gotta re-install Windows 10 with a CD or...

Added: 27/09/2019 EVENT! Searching gold bars

Thanks for the event ! It's always good to see more of them :D

Added: 05/07/2019 Offices and organization update

Can't wait for the release date.

Added: 03/07/2019 Lost my car.

Hey, When you save a vehicle in a house that expired, there is no way to get it back...

Added: 25/06/2019 Spoof hack banned !!

Hello , Use the edit button under your avatar to avoid spamming. I will inform an...

Added: 25/06/2019 Spoof Hacked Detect

Make your own thread here please

Added: 25/06/2019 i lost 270k last week for some kind of abuse

Hi, First, you should've made a thread earlier not after days or months....

Added: 25/06/2019 Spoof Hacked Detect

You will be unbanned after 30 days , you can also buy an unban from the Game shop after...

Added: 22/06/2019 --- Bug reports ---

After using drugs while inside a car/bike , we can't drive-by because there...

Added: 19/06/2019 Change in congress finances

There isn't really such a problem in S3 but thanks , 6 hours , it's better...

Added: 16/06/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

This cmd will be very useful, I like it

Added: 15/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

Not a bad contest thanks :D

Added: 14/06/2019 Banned For Spoof Hacks

That's a quote from administrator Prabhat.

Added: 12/06/2019 niCe.

. That's a quote from our LeadManager niCe

Added: 12/06/2019 vehicle disappears

Hello, As it's mentionned above , try to : /phone > phonebook > Mors...

Added: 11/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

Thanks for these contests !

Added: 11/06/2019 Request refund

Hello , Actually this can't happen unless you give your password to someone...

Added: 09/06/2019 who knows how to use radio costume?

Hey, All you have to do is get the link of a music from youtube , open a "converter...

Added: 08/06/2019 Show your self off.

It's my first picture here

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