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Added: 07/01/2019 Do something

Post on suggestion admins...

Added: 01/01/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Thank you for that

Added: 23/12/2018 Show your self off. Hoodie

Added: 21/12/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Add more tints for weapons and more events

Added: 16/12/2018 --- Apply for helper ---

“Age: 18 years Languages:Bosnian (Native speaker), English (learing 9 years),...

Added: 01/08/2018 --- Suggestions ---

add more tint color for weapons

Added: 21/04/2018 WTLS - 10th Anniversary

I remember something,and i like old wtls

Added: 16/04/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

prekull lel

Added: 14/04/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

cool update,i need to test new event

Added: 06/04/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

nice new update gj niCe

Added: 01/04/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Thanks niCe,nice update i will buy lead manager position xD

Added: 29/03/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Hay niCe ,you can add white color tint for weapons,thanks

Added: 18/03/2018 blackmailed

dzony ,why you ban me when donplaya warned me and im not more blackmail?

Added: 12/01/2018 bug abuse is not allowed

who are older players,why not banned clan reapers''all players have...

Added: 12/01/2018 bug abuse is not allowed

You have enormous gaming hours 7k and more,i have just 2.5k. But it does not matter...

Added: 12/01/2018 bug abuse is not allowed

so he could have warned me at least not ban. that someone else did this would not...

Added: 12/01/2018 bug abuse is not allowed

Mano banned me for bug abusing? what is bug abusing,and why you not banned me when...

Added: 23/12/2017 CHRISTMAS EVENTS!

wow nice but without me is bad :D

Added: 07/10/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Add white and red color tint on weapons!!! And Add tint on chainsaw,ty <333

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