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Avi95th posted a comment to Double RP
Yep. Now minigames aren't so popular anymore.

12:47 PM

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Avi95th posted a comment to Favourite LS houses location
Glen Park for sure

12:46 PM

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Jefferson/Glen park

12:45 PM

Avi95th added a forum post to --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---
I was waiting for this one, thank you!

10:35 AM

Avi95th added a forum post to 11th Server Anniversary!
Already 11th anniversary! Indeed, it is incredible! A huge achievement for all...

10:32 AM

Avi95th has voted in Jakou část San Andreas máte nejraději ? / What part of San Andreas do you prefer ?
Poušť / Wasteland ( Bone County, Tierra Roboda )

08:15 AM

Avi95th has voted in Which mode of transport do you prefer to travel to another city?
Car/Bike - road transport

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How To Rekt Dog Runner
How To Rekt Dog Runner
Sry for bad quality ez dog !

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Angelo - CLEAN
Angelo - CLEAN
A collection of my favorite fights recorded in the past few months *Watch in HD...

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112466 AceW4lker
Level 81 24/02/2019 04:22 PM
Still have ma 1st wall post here haha
112466 AceW4lker
Level 81 23/02/2019 09:48 PM
94625 RzR1
Level 126 21/02/2019 02:13 PM
120257 Alpha79
Level 72 13/02/2019 08:16 PM
miss u bruh <3 <3
135572 Avi95th
Level 62 04/02/2019 01:09 PM
A lot of people have messaged me privately and I thank each and every one of you for the support, but there will be no blog posts about modifications anymore.
The staff doesn't like it and they are strongly against the mods, but I will continue to make blog posts, my current vision is about custom radio stations and something else I don't want to share right now. :P
160688 Jehandad
Level 34 02/01/2019 09:34 AM
I Downloaded all you mods and Every Of Them Are Awesome!
129251 404CraZyNotFound
Level 70 23/12/2018 10:43 PM
136675 Pekyy
Level 41 22/12/2018 02:06 AM
Merry Christmas to you too
133147 ANT1
Level 41 20/12/2018 11:44 PM
136675 Pekyy
Level 41 12/12/2018 01:23 AM
"bro what is this gypsy rap lol"
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