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Added: 19/07/2019 Crash when logging in, need help

If the problem only occurs on S2 after you press the login button, ask an admin to...

Added: 17/07/2019 Hey, a question.

Plenty of rules aren't written down anywhere. This isn't real life...

Added: 17/07/2019 Hey, a question.

It doesn't matter whether you do it once or multiple times: it's still...

Added: 17/07/2019 Hey, a question.

The thread you linked is from 18/10/2018. Spawn killing as bug abuse is a new rule,...

Added: 15/07/2019 --- Bug reports ---

Added: 13/07/2019 --- Player reports ---

//Mitrixsen: Muted, thanks for reporting

Added: 10/07/2019 --- Player reports ---

Prabhat: When someone goes afk in teargas then simply keep shooting, he will die...

Added: 10/07/2019 --- Player reports ---

Added: 27/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

redesign the forums

Added: 23/06/2019 --- Player reports ---

//Could be because of desnyc. Use proper format from next time

Added: 10/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Remove the Hydra. It's cheap, too unfair, mostly used by wallhackers, and...

Added: 02/05/2019 banned for no reason

"no reason"? you are a blatant cheater

Added: 22/03/2019 Unban request

I have not said the above I said in my thread after my other bans. I always waited...

Added: 21/03/2019 Unban request

All the logs you go back till may 2018, This is almost a year ago. Since my last ban...

Added: 21/03/2019 Unban request

Hello, To start off, if niCe is reading this, I'm sorry for the messages I...

Added: 16/03/2019 CONTEST! Searching shamrocks!

Thanks nice for this great contest

Added: 15/03/2019 --- Player reports ---

//Player sent the money back.

Added: 10/03/2019 HEISTS - Your impressions, remarks and suggestions

you're getting web banned for sure for trying to discuss

Added: 20/02/2019 Unban Request

That you didn't get caught for it before doesn't mean ur a loyal player...

Added: 24/01/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Then it is their fault, and not the servers. As Tamety said, You can read in chat...

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