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Blazee added a forum post to Please help! Can't buy weapon license!
You can buy weapon license after 5 shooting challenge wins

04:31 PM

Blazee added a forum post to Admins you're making the game unfair.
Hi , When you see someone breaking a rule please use /report because sometimes...

02:56 PM

Blazee posted a comment to Titomar...
kids use aimbot legends use shaking effects. Also the drug update got this guy...

09:26 AM

Blazee posted a comment to Ban:c
Best minecraft montage ever

09:12 AM

Blazee added a wall post to Blazee

06:30 PM

Blazee added a forum post to Unrightfully muted
You dont look like a new player, you were muted rightfully for typing "nig"...

09:00 PM

Blazee added a forum post to DareDevil admin abuse
Everything is explained well by lottie. Next time try not to repeat such a thing....

07:43 PM

Blazee added a forum post to Server is lag
Information for admins

04:40 PM

Blazee added a forum post to Unable to find my vehicle
Hi After checking your logs , I found out that your garage is expired. Please buy...

04:32 PM

Blazee posted a comment to im aimboter :c

11:50 AM

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Casual indian thing.
233849 Ryderninja007
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Tarak mehta ka ulta chasama XD
49343 Blazee
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Sorry darling
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"sorry darling" hahaha
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Sori darling
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Greetings blazee! <3
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Bik Gayi Yeh Gormint Ab Gormint Me Kuch Na Raha
Maa chudai gormint

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