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Clean GTA

11:58 AM

Blazin has come to play on game server San Andreas Multiplayer 2

02:24 PM

Blazin posted a comment to Do you like the new Deathmatching (5-60 minutes) kick system on S2 and S4?
only an hour?? it should increse all the way to 24 hours lmfao

09:00 AM

Blazin has voted in Achievementy na webe
Plnia sa same

08:59 AM

Blazin has voted in Singleplayer VS Multiplayer
Ani jedno/Neither

05:30 PM

Blazin has voted in Těšíte se na golfovou minihru ?

09:59 AM

Blazin has voted in Zabíjate NPC predavačov drog ?
Iba niekedy

09:59 AM

Blazin has voted in Díky čemu jste začali hrát na Wtls
Narazil/a jsem na něj v SAMP klientu

09:58 AM

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50461 GilanG
Level 76 27/08/2019 08:48 PM
Yo Blazin, glad to see you still around <3
56320 sHady52nd
Level 145 24/08/2019 10:49 AM
56320 sHady52nd
Level 145 25/04/2019 11:09 PM

some new skool flavour
48355 8SiD8
Level 58 20/04/2019 02:18 AM
421 latina sexy girl
56320 sHady52nd
Level 145 19/04/2019 09:08 PM
bro I was blastin tHat tHe otHer day. common verse str8 vicious
56320 sHady52nd
Level 145 18/04/2019 09:01 PM
still powerful. Hope god stays witH X dude is struggling :I
56320 sHady52nd
Level 145 17/04/2019 09:42 PM
48355 8SiD8
Level 58 19/03/2019 08:44 PM
after 5years war
141267 DevilAssassin
Level 71 02/03/2019 12:39 PM
indeed dude, I guess let's just wait and see where the servers will end up at
141267 DevilAssassin
Level 71 01/03/2019 10:54 AM
well, they used to monitor, for some apparent reason they stopped monitoring players, they even made some stuff as an excuse instead of saying "I'm lazy", I mean, it ain't so hard to just warn a player then kick him then ban him, just 3 commands compared to the amount of commands they use everyday without being in admin mode, I remember back when some players used to be banned the day they're exposed like you exactly said, especially royal's video where he busted about 25-30 cheaters and bug abusers, some were even banned before he exposed them, if they took action about their rules that shouldn't be broken, the server would be fun again, but since almost everyone is abusing and that shit, I guess we'll never find out as normal players.
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