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Added: 3 days ago Do you like the new Deathmatching (5-60 minutes) kick system on S2 and S4?

only an hour?? it should increse all the way to 24 hours lmfao

Added: 29/08/2019 System nemovitosti / Property system

5 days is mad, 6 hours is small. but seems like people are fine with 5 days. enjoy

Added: 26/08/2019 Zbrane podle levelu / weapons by level

sure Tricky , make it level 200 shitters dont deserve to have minigun. and there...

Added: 26/08/2019 Zbrane podle levelu / weapons by level

yes put minigun to lvl 150. someone at that level deservers that power to mess around...

Added: 25/08/2019 Libi se vam system nemovitosti? / Do you like properties system?

yeah it was but i think it was 24 hours back then ?? so if you missed a few collects...

Added: 25/08/2019 Libi se vam system nemovitosti? / Do you like properties system?

no .i hate the fact that when you commit to a lot of properties, thats all you do especially...

Added: 25/08/2019 Obľúbená zbraň na vozidlo • Favourite car weapon

man i didnt knew we have oil.. need to get that lol.. any videos?

Added: 23/08/2019 Driving Montage

no vodka in the video, so 6/10 . otherwise ok

Added: 23/08/2019 IwAn || Tec 1v1's || s2 Montage

obviously you have it going since i made a joke. clearly i am veerry funny :d

Added: 22/08/2019 Killing Montage By TroNiiX (Edition) * WATCH IT ON HD *

average. and i bet thos micro shoots are just fail sawn switches xd ggs

Added: 22/08/2019 IwAn || Tec 1v1's || s2 Montage

wow mate you coudld use some practice wtff get skill

Added: 18/08/2019 1v1 2-3 with Nancy - sponsored by next gen mousepad made by gamers for gamers

thx. that bong needs cleaning way too often man again and again

Added: 15/08/2019 memories will stay in our hearths

omgg cant wait for next gta.. we can visit vice city . its fucking huge dude. among...

Added: 11/08/2019 am i pro or noob

wow thanks for sharing bro hopefully one day ill be able to do that

Added: 09/08/2019 Kebab turfing

mm thats cabbage too Iwan xd good shit

Added: 09/08/2019 aimboters be like gta sa

classic! loool ! 2 fps dude gets melted in LS hospital spawns in LV !! k.

Added: 06/08/2019 damn 10,000 hours in WTLS 2

gratz.. xd im hundred percent around these hours if id count the amount of time...

Added: 21/07/2019 Tvůj nejoblíbenější díl GTA série ? / Your favorite GTA series?

next gen console plesss already with gta 6!!! O_x

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