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Added: 08/12/2019 Mano!

text for admins

Added: 03/12/2019 --- Bug reports ---

The helicopter from trafficker job in both CEO job and normal job is bugged the...

Added: 25/11/2019 Unban appeal!!

You were helping him alright! Do you think blocking other players in a race to make...

Added: 25/11/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add option in wich when in race and someone message u he get message "Player...

Added: 17/11/2019 Help!

Thank you! Thread can be locked.

Added: 17/11/2019 Help!

I am banned but not banned!! when i enter the server i got a notification that i got...

Added: 03/10/2019 Golf minigame

I have tested this minigames and for me it was the best minigame on the server so...

Added: 28/09/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Why though ?

Added: 27/09/2019 Install version 0.3.7 R3-1!

Bad news for cheaters lol

Added: 26/09/2019 EVENT! Searching gold bars

Great event!

Added: 21/09/2019 --- Suggestions ---

- Please reduce the houses prices even with old prices the housing market was too...

Added: 19/09/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

I have few notes about the current properties system. In overall i like it but in...

Added: 18/09/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

I love the new election voting system. that is a very good update.

Added: 17/09/2019 Change of system for producing drugs

I prefer the old system. and would love to see the congress involved in the case...

Added: 14/09/2019 --- Bug reports ---

I was doing a property management mission (to kill robbers) but when i dead the...

Added: 13/09/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Added: 08/09/2019 Help i got scamed on a cheeta.

This is getting lime.

Added: 30/08/2019 Feedback to properties system

I don't like it. bring the old system with 5 days and it will be interested...

Added: 30/08/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Please add a hotkey for /flip

Added: 28/08/2019 --- Bug reports ---

Same (it hapend after the last update)

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