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Bowie posted a comment to Wizz memes #1
This is enough we don't need more :D

07:41 AM

Bowie added a forum post to --- Suggestions ---
We have avatars for almost all the listed Rockstar games. You still have option...

05:39 AM

Bowie posted a comment to Daily Game Reloaded
Number 1

08:28 PM

Bowie added a wall post to Harathi
Best helpur :p you really did an amazing job just in the first month of your promotion!...

08:21 PM

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Summer Holidays on WTLS!
Summer Holidays on WTLS!
We have prepared special and useful offers, which you can use in July on server...

11:11 AM

Bowie added a wall post to RusevSince2015
You are now unbanned.

04:14 AM

Bowie posted a comment to Daily Game Reloaded
O-n-e 1

04:45 AM

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Rules are the same: Please only participate if you understand the following rules...

04:44 AM

Bowie added a wall post to Bowie
Hello pepul

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Bowie added a forum post to About my friend being banned.
Hi, Same thing has happened with other players in the past too, they used vpn ( so...

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148350 XXXtentacioN999
Level 49 22/05/2020 08:25 PM
201830 GuudBoi
Level 16 13/07/2019 12:41 AM
157149 Varshaith18
Level 59 07/07/2019 06:12 PM
77543 Nvidia
Level 84 28/04/2019 03:51 AM
fuck you
112063 BOyka69
Level 49 18/02/2019 03:14 PM
You and hoodie were the best administrator that my eyes have seen :(
156305 DoomSlayer
Level 48 10/08/2018 11:09 PM
i dont know why the hell people trusted and set admin lvl on you you dont deserve it you only doing childish acts and banning people for no reason rest in piss KIDDO
112210 kosanosstra1414
Level 76 31/07/2018 10:42 AM
Next time think before do somethin' ffs
101624 jimmyx1
Level 119 24/07/2018 04:46 AM
Rest in piss
32904 FaRisFuDo
Level 62 10/07/2018 07:28 PM
Lick my arse,newbie,I don't know how you even became an admin in the first place
Rest in piss
168532 bowieisprick
Level 1 09/07/2018 12:59 PM
SWORUP TIMALSINA you slant-eyed stupid goat fucker why are the servers still running when you promised to destroy them? hahaha noob nepali prick
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I'm arrogant and selfish prick, who thought admin code doesn't apply to me and that I can ban players unrightfully. I've been demoted to keep players safe... (more)

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