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Added: 31/10/2016 gg mano kicked me for misleading when i said im leaving and auction a car for 0 rip you piece of shit admin

thats why im leaving the server with insulting im tired of all the noobs who are...

Added: 30/10/2016 Spent some usd on it ;D

nah wish it was tho ;D shame im leaving server forever

Added: 26/10/2016 nice bar ;D

yeah i think its at dilimore

Added: 19/10/2016 LeonZ - Killing Montage #1

Well thats the whole day of asking people to fight for a vid ;D

Added: 19/10/2016 This for You Max69

lol jacket nab

Added: 29/05/2016 Honda69 AKA Max dont trust Scam!!

fucker stole my sandking

Added: 27/05/2016 Selfie With HerbZ

nice herba

Added: 27/05/2016 ready for battle

lol 5 months is yo put my hours in iv been paying here for 2 years

Added: 19/05/2016 ready for battle

log in s2 and youl see what i can do :)

Added: 18/05/2016 ready for battle

we will see ;)

Added: 18/05/2016 Server bug ?????

the thing is i dint download from web

Added: 13/05/2016 GROVE IS KING

all gang hoods damn son O.o

Added: 13/05/2016 Some allies

damn a big ass crew you got there

Added: 13/05/2016 finally <3 ma new car

no spec colors im gonna buy them

Added: 12/05/2016 Katnips rule breaker plz ban

please read /rules its at 11 no deathmatching on the server plz get glasses

Added: 12/05/2016 sellin mg <3

nah this is just a test i have more

Added: 12/05/2016 bussines

oh fvck i have more than 5k ;D

Added: 11/05/2016 Ready for cops ?

lol song is playing comming for you ahahhaha

Added: 11/05/2016 Pro shop robber

damn son

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