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Added: 11/02/2020 CONTEST! Hidden vibrators

Yoo - For girls, the right choice here :D

Added: 06/12/2019 IMPORTANT! Game mode optimization

Thank you for this update and information. :)

Added: 27/11/2019 EVENT! Searching gold bars

Thanks, Martin :))

Added: 25/11/2019 DISCOUNTS! Black Friday

Are was discounts /rpshop ? Example : Premium acc.

Added: 23/10/2019 --- Suggestions ---

My suggestion is to add more: police cheetah, minigames, parkour event!

Added: 27/09/2019 EVENT! Searching gold bars

Can't wait.. wow thanks for the special event ! :)

Added: 29/07/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add more police cheetah cars! Because so many players, only a few cars on the server....

Added: 15/07/2019 CONTEST! CEO work

How many collect ceo work?

Added: 07/07/2019 Offices and organization update

Haha, want create new ceo need 10m. Where was for free... old system was 100 together...

Added: 09/06/2019 Weekend bonuses on WTLS!

Thanks NiCe. Today won from events 400k :D

Added: 06/06/2019 --- Bug reports ---

Fix all bug especially anti-cheat!!

Added: 03/06/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add new mission, jobs.

Added: 02/06/2019 3 good news on WTLS!

Thanks for 1mln niCe.

Added: 02/06/2019 --- Bug reports ---

I played survival minigame and once I shot another player and threw me out of server...

Added: 31/05/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Event: Sniper vs infernus. Make or change Rocket Laucher vs infernus.

Added: 26/05/2019 --- Bug reports ---

I found the server bug I wanted to get into the train in san fierro and I was thrown...

Added: 25/05/2019 --- Bug reports on web ---

I found the server bug I wanted to get into the train in san fierro and I was thrown...

Added: 19/05/2019 IMPORTANT! S3 will be moved to new IP

"Retrieving info..." this IP address..

Added: 18/05/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Add more achievements or other tasks to the server for money. For example: 1) Collect...

Added: 13/04/2019 Easter on WTLS!

Thanks, for big events. Can't wait ;oo

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