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DiazSuri added a forum post to Banned unfairly
You logged in with two accounts today and that is not allowed. Guest or not, you...

06:47 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Banned unfairly
I spotted you afk after awhile, but prior to that you were palying on server on account...

06:37 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Banned unfairly
I seen you on server. You were afk and prior to that you had some 10 or more minutes...

05:28 PM

DiazSuri has voted in Have you disabled gambling from your account?
I don't need to disable I have self control

08:54 AM

DiazSuri posted a comment to its a fkn life.
Childlish and you are not the first person here to get banned for more than 30 days....

12:23 PM

DiazSuri has voted in Best Server in SA-MP ?

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DiazSuri added Vojin1932 as a friend

04:36 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Shaun Banned Only For Poker
If you weren't using VPN could you explain to us how did you manage to log in...

09:01 AM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Bounty is logging to avoid death
Sadly I can't find either one of you attacking him with bounty so the only...

11:11 AM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Bounty is logging to avoid death
If I would go and check who damaged them before they left server I will find numerous...

10:40 AM

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gg Diaz.
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║░▒║ put this
║lol ║ on your friends
║░▒║ profile
║lol ║ to protect them
║░▒║ against getting
║lol ║ banned
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Best admin :)
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