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DiazSuri posted a comment to Always makes me chuckle in S3
Considering that most of the servers don't have anything to process cheaters...

02:49 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to DiazSuri Banned Me 30 Days because Play on cafe
You were evading your ban with yet another account. No further discussion is needed.

02:26 AM

DiazSuri added a forum post to DiazSuri Banned Me 30 Days because Play on cafe
How come you keep switching and reporting each other constantly. You are using...

02:07 AM

DiazSuri added a forum post to DiazSuri Banned Me 30 Days because Play on cafe
May you explain why do new account come up on your ip. I already asked you about them...

02:00 AM

DiazSuri has reached level 89

11:25 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to How to get the new rules to work for you
Blowing stuff out of proportions as per ussual by baam. Note buddy: Btch is censor...

03:47 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to IMPORANT! More strict punishments for violation
Not really true. Your comment was deleted since you were trashtalking. Change...

02:45 PM

DiazSuri added a forum post to Helper who can;t speak english?
Players on s1 are not obliged to speak english and it is not a requirement at all....

11:31 AM

DiazSuri added a forum post to wtf diaz ?
Soved via pm's.

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78357 Excalibur
Level 71 3 hours ago
:O happy birthday!!!!!
R3kt carries a knife.... But just incase of cake.
152567 ReDZ
Level 44 4 hours ago
happy birthday. ok
74387 UseaNiCky
Level 80 7 hours ago
Happy birthday!
127341 NinJa17
Level 38 12 hours ago
Happy birthday!
146087 ViFluKeY
Level 98 13 hours ago
84517 Parker
Level 76 13 hours ago
Happy birthday!
63850 Pablomadafaka
Level 52 15 hours ago
Srecam rodjendan druze,sve najlepse od srca.
56320 sHady52nd
Level 140 1 day ago
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY VATO!! you one of tHe realest out tHere and I appreciate you for tHat mr. Bakayoko :D:D say Hi to kresHo from me too
127341 NinJa17
Level 38 3 days ago
Hhhhhhhh Rustler mr suri ;)
78357 Excalibur
Level 71 11/08/2018 05:56 AM
Must be new kind of ez xd
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