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Added: 24/07/2019 --- Suggestions ---

Being more strict on the forum, such as Ban appeals and more threads that only require...

Added: 22/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Trust me, It didn’t change anything about cheaters

Added: 22/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Yeah nice, remove the dual weapons so people will buy more USD to spend it on minigun.

Added: 04/02/2018 2 USD giveaway

“ Do you know the way? The way for your phone number? “ “ Hey, I need you to show...

Added: 01/02/2018 --- Player reports ---

Mano:Insufficient proof.

Added: 29/01/2018 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 16 Languages: English (Learning 9 years), Hebrew (Native Speaker) Total...

Added: 24/01/2018 Feedback on our staff

Feedback? Sure. Every admin on this server doing his job and he is doing it very...

Added: 21/01/2018 Helper Demoted Reason!

No idea who put you up as a helper but he made a big mistake

Added: 10/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Change the /cry animation instead of using the one who is getting sprayed to the...

Added: 08/11/2017 Got scammed

How is that a scam? you either lying or you need some glasses and read. It cannot...

Added: 06/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Why would he disable the minigun, he dosen't need to create a new server without...

Added: 05/11/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Strongly supporting it.

Added: 02/11/2017 SA:MP Memes!

Added: 01/11/2017 SA:MP Memes!

I'm making this topic so people can post memes related to the server. PLEASE...

Added: 24/10/2017 [GAME] Google image of your nickname

Added: 13/10/2017 --- Bug reports ---

Whenever you throw or someone else a teargas and after a while when it needs to dissapear,...

Added: 13/10/2017 --- Apply for helper ---

Player does not meet the requirements.

Added: 29/04/2017 --- Apply for helper ---

Name: Diversity69 Age: 16 Languages: English (Learning 9 years) Total gaming...

Added: 19/03/2017 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

That's great!

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