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Added: 24/12/2017 Rausen's small CONTEST!

Number : 24 Favouvite Number : 69 Favourite Color : Green

Added: 15/10/2017 i had lost 100mg

Hi,a player call Bluebull had auction 100mg and i had bid 340k.Suddenly my pc restart...

Added: 04/10/2017 Refund for hydra please

Admins,i had get a crash and when i connect i had lost my hydra.Can i get a refund...

Added: 18/08/2017 Divech and Zues

so why when divech win he got 81k only? he should have 156k not 81k and i want reply...

Added: 28/06/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Add tint for sniper and rifle.

Added: 25/06/2017 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 15 years Languages: English (learning 7 years),French (learning 7 years)...

Added: 21/05/2017 Admins After that problem connection.

Hey,I was not lagging and suddenly,i had lost connection and then we had got that...

Added: 21/05/2017 Admins After that problem connection.

After that problem to join s2....When i had join i was supose to be in big ammo but...

Added: 21/05/2017 cant join server 2

Admins i have the same problem and i can't playing....But in s3 i get the connection...

Added: 20/04/2017 --- Suggestions ---

When you are in a gang and u kill 2 teammate u will get auto kick from the

Added: 14/04/2017 --- Bug reports ---

RP show me 0rp.

Added: 25/02/2017 Refund rhino please...

i had go buy weps at bone country ammo and when im out it explode how? man? that a bug!

Added: 25/02/2017 Refund rhino please...

I left my rhino outside ammo and after i get outside it rotate and explode...refund...

Added: 23/02/2017 R3kt unban me!

ok im join //Edit by Theseus: solved.

Added: 23/02/2017 R3kt unban me!

Theseus that not a cheat..that a trick when you jump...

Added: 23/02/2017 R3kt unban me!

It say i use cheat...what cheat did i use??... i join /event and u ban me?

Added: 07/02/2017 <--> CONTEST TO WIN 1 USD <-->

Added: 24/12/2016 I Did Not Receive My Premium Account

My premium need to end 09/01/2017 but i lost it in game...i can u use web chat and...

Added: 23/12/2016 !!English servers - Double contest!!

Go0d lUck

Added: 21/12/2016 Christmas offer in game shop

Thanks niCe! Merru christmas to everyone! ;)

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