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Added: 07/11/2018 EVENT! Reward for playing time

Have to work saturday :( isn't it possible to do it also on Sunday since it...

Added: 02/11/2018 Payment blocked

Im in the netherlands

Added: 02/11/2018 Payment blocked

I know that, but im asking why because i didnt play.

Added: 02/11/2018 Payment blocked

Why am i payment blocked? Didnt play for a couple of months and now im blocked?

Added: 18/01/2018 --- Refunds ---

Server: Server 2 In-game name: Drone. Date&Time of loss: 20:00 What happened:...

Added: 18/01/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Good idea!

Added: 13/01/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Suggestions - Make a menu to choose the amount of weed, ammo boxes or cocaine to...

Added: 04/01/2018 WarlaW's lucky $5,000,000 giveaway! (S2 ONLY)

You shouldnt leave man! Drone.

Added: 02/01/2018 How was your 2016?

My 2017 Game: - Started playing again in November. - Got my 2 favorite houses in...

Added: 02/01/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Every week different discounts There should be every week new discounts.

Added: 02/01/2018 S2 Lotto

Maybe you bought a different lotto by accident? Like the 90K lotto or 450K lotto?

Added: 02/01/2018 Banend on s2

Swearing is not allowed on the server, you shouldn't do this at all.

Added: 29/12/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Events only for people with a low ping In pvping events, people with a high ping...

Added: 27/12/2017 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 18 years old. Languages: Dutch (Native speaker), English (Learning 6 years),...

Added: 19/12/2017 --- Suggestions ---

I agree on this one.

Added: 14/12/2017 --- Suggestions ---

Change back that you can buy a whole weed farm. The profit on weed is so low and takes...

Added: 14/12/2017 Random package - SPECIAL ACTION!

Lets open some packages ;)

Added: 14/12/2017 Shaun14's Big Birthday Bash!

Happy birthday! I choose number 53.

Added: 13/12/2017 --- Suggestions ---

They should make a way to sell your drugs trough the phone faster. If you harvest...

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