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Added: 02/09/2018 I can't connect on S4

You are using wrong SAMP client. Go here:

Added: 19/08/2018 Abuse Gang Boss

Gang bosses can kick for any reason except blackmailing as they have worked hard...

Added: 10/08/2018 I forgot my password in web

Hey,please go here:

Added: 07/08/2018 [GAME] Google image of your nickname

Added: 04/08/2018 how can i change

Hello Go here:

Added: 04/08/2018 i need admins help

He will need to wait until his email gets verified by admin team.

Added: 30/07/2018 Ban

Sharing your password and your account information with any other people(even...

Added: 29/07/2018 Kicked from Cops for arresting Chiefs

I just want to add, he can kick for any reason except blackmailing. Keep that in...

Added: 10/07/2018 Bowie and Hoodie

I just want to add,niCe, i am not supporting Bowie, Hoodie or Lazz in this case as...

Added: 09/07/2018 no acount

Have you linked your account for it to be saved? If not click on your name in lower...

Added: 08/07/2018 Crash

Try this,it helped me when my game kept crashing. If you have 2 monitors then there...

Added: 06/07/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Why am i keep getting kicked then? Sorry,couldnt edit anymore.

Added: 06/07/2018 --- Suggestions ---

We should be able to kill the cops while we are wanted and not get kicked for deathmatching.

Added: 30/06/2018 Cant join

Now it says "Unable to execute". I reinstalled it again, no luck again......

Added: 30/06/2018 Cant join

s1 and s3 not working, like i said,yesterday everything was fine,turned off my...

Added: 30/06/2018 Cant join

Prabhat i restarted my router 7th time now,everything is working fine(other...

Added: 30/06/2018 Cant join

Hello. I have a problem which i do not know how to fix. I tried to reinstall the game,...

Added: 30/06/2018 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 25 Languages: Croatian(native speaker), English(learning 15 years at...

Added: 13/02/2017 How did you find this server

well i was playing with my friends all kind of servers just for fun and then we came...

Added: 22/09/2016 --- Suggestions ---

Change background area to black when choosing server in shops. Its obvious players...

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