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Added: 01/02/2019 My new steel baby

Didn't expect to see it here, sure, sorry.

Added: 28/01/2019 Favorite bike

So predictable

Added: 25/01/2019 Sunset hunters

thank you <3

Added: 28/12/2018 Introduction

Why? If here will be: ; . I suppose it's some kind of useful information that,...

Added: 23/12/2018 2018 Staff Picture S2/S3

Underwater squad

Added: 14/12/2018 xSlitt - 2019

Purple warrior

Added: 14/12/2018 Shooting NPCs in SA-MP!

It'll bring more interesting gameplay to our servers, thanks!

Added: 13/12/2018 Paradise isle

An event island

Added: 30/11/2018 Police updates

Investigations bring a new gameplay as police member. You can start an investigation...

Added: 29/11/2018 Special Tags

It's a great idea! I saw only CZ version, but now we got a really helpful list...

Added: 20/11/2018 Air Trafficker job

Great work, but it's an illegal job. Sometimes you obtain 3 stars up to 6 when...

Added: 17/11/2018 Do you want to add passive mode?

In my view it's a good feature but only for fully-rp servers. We already have...

Added: 16/11/2018 Do you want to return wanted stars for resisting arrest?

It doesen't make any sense, police officers don't care about the amount...

Added: 11/11/2018 My new bebe


Added: 01/11/2018 I am back and a Taxi Driver now :D

Now I know which taxi driver I should call if I need a taxi.

Added: 01/11/2018 Growing up

Let them. They, probably, really like it (or not)

Added: 20/10/2018 ♛ CSGO - ak47 5k ♛

Great AWP gaming

Added: 20/10/2018 B&W gudmen

Balck X6 - Fantom

Added: 20/10/2018 gangsters signatures #2

Such a great signatures! You create well.

Added: 20/10/2018 Best Aircraft collection :)

Looks great

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