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Added: 24/09/2018 I'm really glad to be back

Thank you ^^ returning again

Added: 08/01/2018 My radar is clear

anti-cheat doesn't give a fuck to aimbotters, so sad, but admins too

Added: 04/01/2018 Do you like jobs more than gangs?

Ice cream vendor, lawyer, arms dealer, hotdog vendor

Added: 01/01/2018 Využíváte garáže? / Are you using garages?

if you translated the name of voting into eng why didn't you translate answers?

Added: 30/12/2017 Would you be setting a new year resolution?

My decision is 1600x900 but resolution idk

Added: 29/12/2017 Which tint do you like more ?

Only Lazzy loves green. How's your plant?

Added: 28/12/2017 Found Zatoichi no Sensei

Thank you

Added: 28/12/2017 ez 1,2m horse betting

cg <3

Added: 28/12/2017 He didn't get punished

I didn't mean him, but players at all

Added: 27/12/2017 What do you use fire extinguisher for?

Because of a high ping of some players it's hard to kill someone with this...

Added: 27/12/2017 Hunter Raid

If players will be able to control Hunters, event will become too much harder....

Added: 27/12/2017 Do you prefer fast skins or slow skins?

I also love slow skins but when I need to protect myself by using Micro SMG I find...

Added: 26/12/2017 What did I do wrong ? Admin

According to this screenshot, you used hacks (sobeit etc.)

Added: 26/12/2017 Christmas LVPD :) (Random Package)

Finally someone got it

Added: 25/12/2017 Did you get your Red tint today?

Back to s2, groves miss you

Added: 25/12/2017 BossSyazwan - Christmas Montage

such an angry santa <3

Added: 24/12/2017 Did you get your Red tint today?

Yeah, I had been asking to /eventvote for Hunter Raid for several times but everyone,...

Added: 23/12/2017 47m from lottos :D

Congrats, you're gonna be the most rich taxi driver

Added: 23/12/2017 I've got you in my sights


Added: 23/12/2017 Hunt with me


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