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Added: 22/12/2017 He almost got me

he has been diverted by another player and I become so nervous :D

Added: 22/12/2017 I've got you in my sights

no, ofc, he's my team mate

Added: 22/12/2017 My winter outfit

thank you, it's my best I've ever had

Added: 20/12/2017 FinaLLy 42,000 SkiLLs hhhh

The most recognizable cop of the server

Added: 20/12/2017 RichesT Player on Server S2 >ArVy< ^_^


Added: 20/12/2017 We're gonna lose

But we didn't

Added: 18/12/2017 Reaper_Cheater69

Did it happen tonight?

Added: 18/12/2017 Christmas LVPD :) (Random Package)

Cg with getting this rare bish

Added: 17/12/2017 Killing Montage on s2 (mini)

I love this opening (rly). You are a good fighter even without mini that's...

Added: 17/12/2017 Every Bullet Counts

what a low prize fuuu

Added: 17/12/2017 im here where are u ?

Jump down

Added: 17/12/2017 Dangerous job now

I don't blame the job moreover I like it so much. It brings a new gameplay to...

Added: 17/12/2017 Rich Christmas on GTA-MP.CZ!

We have a nice time to get some fun and money, what a combo

Added: 14/12/2017 Ma niggs got new names

Ye, it becomes more diverse

Added: 14/12/2017 Do you guys like the GANG CARS?

For players who don't have any FT cars it's a good decision, I mean to...

Added: 12/12/2017 Do you like the new gang Ranks ?

Telling the truth idk, I still gang bozz anyway, maybe it looks different now for...

Added: 11/12/2017 LSPD madness( Shaun14 and DavidPC10)

Seems like a strong siberian women from Russia

Added: 07/12/2017 Join GSF clan !!

Strange requirements

Added: 07/12/2017 Did you like the aircrafts bombs?

Too much people didn't try it, but it seems to be funny

Added: 06/12/2017 Atlas-My first killing montage

You are a good fighter, can handle them event with a slow skin

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