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Added: 12/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

The disappearance of the double RP amounts just left a bitter taste within my mouth

Added: 12/03/2018 Congress limo prices

Useless. They will still sleep all day long inside them, so they could get rich,...

Added: 11/03/2018 --- Suggestions ---

As the secondary server, the first english one, has non-deathmatching politics,...

Added: 04/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Oh good God, I believe this is because of my ban

Added: 02/03/2018 Toxic helper

Well, looks like half of server gonna follow my footsteps and be banned as I am,...

Added: 02/03/2018 Unfinished businesses

Do not consider this thread as spam, because Mano locked my last one too early,...

Added: 02/03/2018 "Abusing congress"

Well, howdy administration team, players and especially Mano. I think this is...

Added: 02/03/2018 Back my money s3 - my name Tarzan69

Refund can not be given, your loss are under the amount of $100,000

Added: 28/02/2018 Does the justice feel so bad?

Looks like I will be banned sooner lol.. My intention was not to order you guys what...

Added: 28/02/2018 Does the justice feel so bad?

So, I am the player known as Facebook, and I came here now to report a moderator for...

Added: 24/02/2018 --- Refunds ---

Server 2 is the place. My in-game name is Psychefunkapus, but known as Facebook....

Added: 23/02/2018 Your GTA-MULTIPLAYER.CZ story !

It acctualy remarks a big difference. The old one is for the game's impact...

Added: 23/02/2018 No meth cooker in my house

Then looks like your kitchen cant cook meth, the american peasantry from caravans...

Added: 23/02/2018 Your GTA-MULTIPLAYER.CZ story !

Since many of you have failed to imput the right content in this thread , attempting...

Added: 23/02/2018 How these servers changed your life?

As many, many, and when I say 'many', I mean it, have missed the real...

Added: 22/02/2018 Lool why i got banned for aimbot ?

Mhmhm, maybe because you are an aimbotter? sounds logic to me.

Added: 22/02/2018 redONE's Giveaway.

Number 66 You are an annoying black piece.

Added: 22/02/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

The new added drug Meth is simply so cool, I hope in the new updates there will be...

Added: 21/02/2018 Black bars problem .

I see no black bars lol

Added: 20/02/2018 Banned unfair

This smells like a web ban for you buddy, see you in 30 days...

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