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Added: 19/02/2018 Banned From Server???

pinoy kenneth xp farm lool thx

Added: 17/11/2017 Ez Fasthead

ez 10h next time

Added: 25/10/2017 ban thanks thanks thanks...

np lol

Added: 04/08/2017 Gambling Guide

he's joking..

Added: 17/07/2017 The Pranksters - 0h n0

Too bad there's no dislike button.

Added: 05/02/2017 Turfing with Vedran :)

noobs be like..

Added: 25/11/2016 Confession: I'm 30 years old and still playing GTA!

I have to say, I respect you more as you have decided to share your life story. I always...

Added: 18/10/2016 Can you imagine your life without GTA-MP.CZ?

Are you trying to say you go out? You are the guy who spams every topic, screenshot...

Added: 24/09/2016 My FT Heli

You prefer riding cows than my mom, believe me. She'll ride the fck out of you and...

Added: 24/09/2016 My FT Heli

Looks like shit

Added: 26/07/2016 New sawns ft. Conor McGregor!

Ah, good to see an UFC fan, with taste!

Added: 20/03/2016 Hoodie plays rough

Illegal porn activities spotted, seems like someone is oversexed.

Added: 02/03/2016 Community Video Edition 2016 (English servers)

New video has already been sent to Theseus, you just have to wait for his upload.

Added: 23/01/2016 BBZ (the classic one)

This no rekt bbz noob I see he use hack, me send him hack ok?? No pro bbz, Woolrus also...

Added: 28/07/2015 Well looks like Monster will be missed !

Shit shit Monster pls send me your locate hack before it's too late ai kk?

Added: 27/07/2015 CS:GO / Rasputin_ / Ace #3

Are you silver elite? That's very low, I wouldn't even post a video about this....

Added: 22/02/2015 For Mike and Necro and Stacey

pl0x Obama boss, yo yealous pls

Added: 22/02/2015 For Mike and Necro and Stacey


Added: 21/02/2015 How to have an easier time in prison

Reported. Wait 30 days for the unban or buy unban from the Gameshop.

Added: 15/02/2015 Valentine Day Jog

It was a present pl0x

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