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Added: 19/08/2019 Mohib is hacking accounts

Mohib made a phishing page to hack other accounts saying that you will get 50usd...

Added: 19/06/2019 Help me out.

Thats what i mean pc hangs cause of many programs in it si fix your lag by clossing...

Added: 19/06/2019 Help me out.

It is your pc fault not a server fault..if you getting that much ping it is very good...

Added: 19/06/2019 Change in congress finances

Just like real life thats why i love these servers

Added: 17/06/2019 This is very strange..

Try this Right click on samp icon>run as the administrator. Or download crack...

Added: 14/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

I'm waiting for next contest as I'm starting playing s3 again...

Added: 13/06/2019 --- Apply for helper ---

“Age: 16 years  Languages: Hindi and English Total gaming time on the server: ...

Added: 13/06/2019 I bought a Bullet car and i can't get it back

Don't worry if something like this happens to you you can easily get it back...

Added: 15/04/2019 Easter on WTLS!

Thank a lot nice for such event

Added: 10/04/2019 How to upload forum signature

I forgot how to upload forum signature so please help me.

Added: 10/04/2019 CONTEST! Money couriers

First 3 of all servers? If yes then I'm gonna definitely win this I killed...

Added: 22/03/2019 Server down

this is to inform you that after a restart the server is not responding. no one is...

Added: 02/03/2019 only for niCe

r3kt i repect what u said as u are old admin i know u from many years. when this happens...

Added: 02/03/2019 only for niCe

no admin have to give an eye to this thread keep sleeping.niest you to improve your...

Added: 13/01/2019 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

I don't life few moderators who are new as im a player from 2016 i have seen...

Added: 20/04/2018 Floyed copied my name

I want to tell admins that there are some players copying my name like Floyed he...

Added: 26/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

niCe they feel bad because they feel jealous that they purchased for expensive...

Added: 21/03/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

if gang boss kick anyone or call for backup notification come on screen or phone....

Added: 21/03/2018 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 15 years D.O.B: 30/09/2002 (DD/MM/YYYY) Languages: Hindi(Native Speaker),...

Added: 25/01/2018 Feedback on our staff

admins and helpers /pmoff and never replies us when ever we stunk they never help...

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