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Added: 11/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

Thank you for your time!

Added: 11/06/2019 Unable to post on forums.

Thank you, Harathi! Your solution has worked.

Added: 11/06/2019 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 15 years Language: English (Learning from 7 years), Telugu (native speaker),...

Added: 10/06/2019 Unable to post on forums.

My last post was 2 months before!

Added: 10/06/2019 Unable to post on forums.

I'm unable to apply for helper as i explained above that is the problem i faced...

Added: 10/06/2019 Unable to post on forums.

Hello, I'm unable to post anything on forums. It says you can add another...

Added: 22/04/2019 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 15 years Languages: English (Learning from 7 years), Telugu(Native speaker)...

Added: 29/06/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Increase payout for crane driver job

Added: 14/06/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Make Garages, Helipad, Marina and Hangar without expiration, it looks more realistic.

Added: 07/06/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Player should attain wanted level if he was reported carjacking like in single...

Added: 06/06/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Clan System My suggestion is to add a clan system. Possibly so a person (Above level...

Added: 06/06/2018 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Poker texas maximum 500k wager is very good update!

Added: 24/05/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Create new Death matches for new weapons

Added: 22/05/2018 --- Player reports ---

You better stop provoking me and I got banned due for playing in NetCafe At first...

Added: 22/05/2018 --- Suggestions ---

You can buy 5 days premium multiple times to make it 15 or 20 days premium.

Added: 22/05/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Add clan system as described at First post of this forum

Added: 17/05/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Create Clan System as described in first page of this fourm.

Added: 01/05/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Replace Deagle with Chainsaw in Minigame Meat bussiness.

Added: 26/04/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Replace Secondary weapon 'Katana' with 'Chainsaw' in...

Added: 24/04/2018 --- Suggestions ---

Remove limited slots to add friends.

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