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Added: 29/07/2018 Scammed by 7kDwixi

your deal was 160M for both (or 60m for LSPD and 100m for Ambulance) and u sold him...

Added: 02/11/2017 i lost my car in a bug!! "wtls , s1"

dear admins today i bought ft infernus and i havnt saved it yet but unfortunately...

Added: 21/08/2017 --- Prihlasky na pomocnika ---

Age: 17 Language skills: English (6 years), french (4 years) Elapsed playing...

Added: 10/04/2017 an aimboter is here :)

admins , im not going to say anything , just plz check this video :)

Added: 05/04/2017 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

get back the price of kicking 20k

Added: 05/04/2017 S3 Conest - Most distance travelled on foot.

good luck :)

Added: 04/04/2017 check it

u have to ask tuxedo

Added: 04/04/2017 I have been scammed

hello , i got scammed by someone in wtls he is RnS]Synthetich , he scammed me in 5M...

Added: 01/03/2017 --- Suggestions ---

ability to sell skins which is bought from game shop by /sell and /auction and just...

Added: 01/03/2017 omggg scammer!!! help me pls

give me a proof of that? :) ask any admin to see our logs to check who is right? :)

Added: 08/01/2017 --- Suggestions ---

add new cmd for gangboss: /gangwarning <reason> and it helps gangbossed...

Added: 30/12/2016 reporting new aimboter "predis"

admins i recorded an aimboter and i think thats its clear aimbot :) watch admins...

Added: 17/10/2016 new aimboter "seth"

this is a proof for his aimbot :)

Added: 15/10/2016 my account bugged!!!

yea its working now it back working by itself :D thnx

Added: 15/10/2016 my account bugged!!!

i can join to other servers and nth happen admins plzz help , i joined with an other...

Added: 14/10/2016 my account bugged!!!

i was play normally , so my connection crashed after that everytime i relog and...

Added: 14/10/2016 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

i dont like the new colr for the gang's name and the house's colro etc

Added: 08/10/2016 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

gg admins

Added: 03/09/2016 TERKY_milacek_otrok (zelva) is cheater

hello , from long time and players report him for aimbot, speedhack, infinity...

Added: 25/08/2016 --- Suggestions ---

Add more gang hoods

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