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Added: 30/04/2016 Server 3 Giveaway!

Alright, Thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway and Congratulations...

Added: 28/04/2016 Server 3 Giveaway!

Hello guys! So, to win the giveaway you will have to win the event or get the bounty...

Added: 10/01/2016 Admin Hillbilly banned us on s3

Hello slark09126, You have registered 9 accounts in 2 days and approximately...

Added: 18/11/2015 uGn]sHuTuP FLY HACKER

Hello, Just because they accepted your report without responding, it does not...

Added: 11/11/2015 Server Close connection?

Hello BigMan, You've been Banned for the use of Wall hacks. EDIT: Yeah really.

Added: 31/10/2015 Unban

Hello Smirf, You should be able to join now. This thread is now locked. Have a Pleasant...

Added: 04/10/2015 Minigun and Sniper Rifle ammo lost ! server3

Hello Fox96, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, you will be refunded shortly....

Added: 30/09/2015 czech laungage on web

Hello Niggcode, Instead of , use,...

Added: 20/09/2015 banned unknown reason

Hello strix, As Theseus has said, you have been using aimbot, making multiple...

Added: 10/09/2015 i want be helper

Hi Aleko, You have been explained in your previous thread on how to apply for helper,...

Added: 30/08/2015 Why my account deleted

Hello Charlyn, First of all, you should stop lying. After you got banned, you used...

Added: 30/08/2015 Banned without reason

The user has joined the server and is playing, This thread is now locked.

Added: 28/08/2015 s2 Players Read

Players should who have had their access blocked should be able to join now, We're...

Added: 26/08/2015 Kicked 30 minutes by Necro

Necro has given an explanation for the reason he has kicked you. You were kicked...

Added: 20/08/2015 Banned By HillBilly For "Jump Hacks."

Hello 007, I was monitoring you, and i definitely saw that you used jump cheats...

Added: 08/08/2015 Mute problem

Redz has explained this perfectly, this thread is now being locked.

Added: 01/08/2015 I do not know what I did

Hello, I have watched you for quite sometime, and you were using no reload cheats...

Added: 27/07/2015 gg unfair muted

Hello BlackRose, We don't care if you're not scared or if you're Egyptian, but...

Added: 11/07/2015 Reporting Gangyalf

I have muted the player, but there is no need to make threads like these, you can...

Added: 07/07/2015 Banned in s3? watafak

Hello BarHaMz, Administrator DeadManAndy has blocked your access on Server...

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