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iBust added a forum post to Banned in [Welcome to Los Santos 2]
As far as i know only 2 persons are allowed to play with the same computer, more than...

06:52 PM

iBust posted a comment to Would you like if S3 was moved to United States?
Ok i will say NO

05:02 PM

iBust posted a comment to Would you like if S3 was moved to United States?
Will that increase the ping for players who are from Africa?

04:55 PM

iBust added a wall post to DevilAssassin
Yst lw 3ndk knt gyt :P bs anta 3ndk kos

03:27 PM

iBust added a wall post to DevilAssassin
Creative af man lol , nice event suggestion nab

02:44 PM

iBust added a wall post to Petrit
Petrita is busy , she is having sex right now , comeback later!

08:53 PM

iBust added a forum post to I Didnt Get Usd
As speaking with Kush16 , i knew that the problem is from GoPay not GTA.CZ , so would...

09:40 PM

iBust posted a comment to I've won 1 million dollars in a golf minigame :D
Somehow wow lol...

08:20 PM

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63184 Spirous
Level 107 14/11/2019 12:32 AM
Go study, instead of spamming Petrit's wall :D

For every action there is a reaction, don’t be sad from the reactions because the type of reactions depends on your actions
Dude, Do you know what would have happened if Newton was alive, and saw this? I guess you know
51033 Petrit
Level 107 13/11/2019 08:11 PM
Because I don't judge, you can say anything you want and I won't have any problem with it :D
ps. ur avatar is hot
93864 Protein
Level 81 28/10/2019 11:33 PM
Baby mhmmm
196119 iBust
Level 31 17/10/2019 01:19 AM
Don’t zoom my avatar nub ;-]
194413 BEAST21
Level 44 16/10/2019 01:45 AM
what a sixi avatar :c
152637 Lunatiz
Level 54 29/09/2019 07:06 AM
There's still the 1percentage of people who buy premium with 20mins or lower by mistakes or some other reason. niCe wont update this kind of stupidity stuffs
196119 iBust
Level 31 29/09/2019 01:49 AM
Well I already thought before, We don't force them to buy whoever wants to buy it ,will pay for it
And also none will even buy premium for 30 mins, not all players are mean like u :)
152637 Lunatiz
Level 54 28/09/2019 10:33 PM
Maybe you won’t like my suggestion but i like to say it :-/
Allow players to choose how much time do they want premium account be exactly, many players loss many days of premium because of this , so if i want to play just 1-2days and want to buy premium account , why should i buy for 5 days? Make premium for any time , allow us to choose the hours, days and months not just 5 days , 30 days and 90 days etc

This suggestion was absolutely useless, as I known if niCe makes premium account amount which chosen by player themself the usd systems will be absolutely ruine. Because if someone choose 20mins instead of 30mins how much should we charge him? 0.20usd? Think before posting this kind of useless stuff.
141267 DevilAssassin
Level 72 12/08/2019 04:15 PM
159838 Nerf15
Level 58 11/08/2019 11:58 PM
Read my wall punk :)
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