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Jimeno running gta on 640x360

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When the whole dog squad chases you  (+ Hitman aka OpTic Forsaken)
When the whole dog squad chases you (+ Hitman aka OpTic Forsaken)
Whole credit goes to VerxzyXO since hes banned on web (ez)

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The type of player who has been working like a dog for years and now chilling with...

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Nice thumbnail

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o spammer, a u knaqe nXP

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94424 Flori
Level 62 28/09/2019 10:25 PM
94424 Flori
Level 62 14/09/2019 09:27 PM
94625 RzR1
Level 127 16/07/2019 08:13 PM
Do not want to respect yourself ??
56320 sHady52nd
Level 147 15/07/2019 10:19 PM
HAHAHAHAH qia ropt. 'o kolloduk'
56320 sHady52nd
Level 147 05/07/2019 09:31 AM
mamaqira komplet dmtH. s luHet ma
118185 JulianN
Level 52 26/05/2019 07:55 PM
hahahahha o kolloduk, lexoje mir se me at kuptim e kam pas edhe un
94424 Flori
Level 62 26/05/2019 01:09 PM
If you use 100% of your brain , your brain will be equal with all others's

ksaj i them me qen i paperplasun me memet jashtekufitare te republikes se shqiperise. supozohet se perdoret vetem 10% e trunit
51033 Petrit
Level 123 24/05/2019 02:48 PM
Actually got them for $7 on sale
94424 Flori
Level 62 07/05/2019 09:36 PM
ramadan kari im
112885 FlexZ
Level 79 03/05/2019 12:38 PM
I was born Muslim and I am proud to be. I represent a religion of peace of love of sharing and serenity. Our Prophet has always called on Muslims to make peace with other religions and invite them to admire ours by respecting their differences. I do not represent and I will never represent people who murder innocent people and I blame any act that is done in the name of Islam.
I'm ashamed of what these people are doing here. People like them dirty the image of our Prophet (of our religion) and personally do not represent me.
I am strangely surprised to see other people (other religions too) who encourage their brothers and sisters to kill innocent people and with cold blood torturing harmless people.
If you are human (whatever your religion) you must be ashamed and you must immediately act and say no to assassinations all over the world.
Each of us has the right to a quiet life.
The majority have one God. The God who loves us all.
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