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Added: 19/06/2019 What?

It's an automated mute which means the length of it is calculated depending...

Added: 09/06/2019 Attempting Scam

You attempted to scam a player by asking him to send you money and he'll get...

Added: 31/05/2019 ??

Don't play it dumb on us. You are not allowed here.

Added: 11/05/2019 Nice one

Mind your own business. Don't create a thread for other players, this is...

Added: 10/05/2019 some Problem in Frame Limiter

I had this issue on Intel Graphics HD especially if you're running Windows...

Added: 05/05/2019 bug report

You have been banned for ban evading. After checking i found that it was rightful....

Added: 05/05/2019 Lost my character

Everything was explained above. If you need any kind of help just send us a message.

Added: 02/05/2019 Admins.

Moderators cannot spawn vehicles /weapons unless they used /shop. Request denied.

Added: 30/04/2019 need urgent help

Using cheats is strictly forbidden, and NO, you won't get an unban.

Added: 30/04/2019 Somebody changed my password

There is no way that someone hacked your account unless you gave him your password...

Added: 14/04/2019 Use of Joypad

If it has auto aim please don't use it.

Added: 07/04/2019 HELP ME

Everything was explained to him in messages. He lost the vehicle due to house expiration...

Added: 07/04/2019 HELP ME

Try to call Mors insurance from the phone.

Added: 07/04/2019 LOST 3 USD

I will ban the player and deduct the money from his account. But i won't refund...

Added: 07/04/2019 LOST 3 USD

Someone from your IP logged in your account and sent 3 USD to his account from the...

Added: 04/04/2019 My desert eagle blue tint???

I have refunded you. Sorry for the delay, we had to make sure.

Added: 04/04/2019 Banned

Sorry for the late reply. I have banned you for using locate cheats to find premium...

Added: 23/03/2019 what the hell ?

Text for administrators

Added: 21/03/2019 Please Help Me With It.

You bought lottery tickets and you lost the lottery. Bad luck. and don't...

Added: 21/03/2019 Donated weapon skills - Didn't get them

I have refunded you. Sorry for the inconveniences that were caused.

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