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Added: 28/07/2013 Help me -> Delete unusing Acc.

If this account "Soney" isn't linked, he will be automatically deleted...

Added: 28/07/2013 --- Suggestions ---

It isn't possible because it's Gta SA system the Seasparrow auto-aim on vehicule,...

Added: 28/07/2013 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

As Whiz said, read updates, Quote from niCe:

Added: 27/07/2013 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Dice made people poor, thanks for removing :D

Added: 25/07/2013 IMPORTANT! Server 3 moved to new IP

Awesome! Now i can play with dual sawn, with low ping, and understand the chat too...

Added: 23/07/2013 BAWSAQ - Coming soon!

Aw, nice idea! i can't wait!

Added: 22/07/2013 Got banned from server.

Solved, the player got his password, Admins can lock

Added: 21/07/2013 admins

Read this before posting Forum Rules it is against the rules to make multiples...

Added: 19/07/2013 Stingers

As all said, they are saved on your account, you can type /shopitems to see amount...

Added: 18/07/2013 Blackmailing

Thank for reporting Luc, all right the boss can kick everyone he wants without...

Added: 16/07/2013 Opening new server

That's exactly the reason why i play on EN server now, because we are outsider on...

Added: 16/07/2013 --- Apply for helper ---

Nickname: [r4E]Leito. Server: 3 Application: Helper, or Mod Languages:...

Added: 10/07/2013 --- Comments to SA-MP server updates ---

Great Update, Thanks Sir niCe

Added: 09/07/2013 Rinho exploded

I destroyed his rhino, cuz he bought it to kill me (Gang vs gang) it didn't destroyed...

Added: 07/07/2013 --- Suggestions ---

there is already a thread for this suggestion, it's still active if you want to...

Added: 05/07/2013 Scammed by Malefactor

As Mac10 said, Malefactor is an Helper, and helpers must show a good exemple of...

Added: 02/07/2013 Help us choose new premium titles on web

Usain Bolt for achievement Travel 5000km or 10000km by Foot

Added: 02/07/2013 I lost my account

Like others said, if you didn't link your account and you were inactive more than...

Added: 02/07/2013 I lost my web account

We don't understand you very much. Your account is succesfully linked but you...

Added: 02/07/2013 my account :(

Your account is linked, you'r right because we can see in your wall when you join...

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