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M4D has voted in Do you like the new update Shoutbox
Yeah, it's cool

10:28 AM

M4D added a wall post to E1warn
I’m a sick fuck, I like vbucks ;)

07:09 PM

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Kaushal Meme #29
Kaushal Meme #29
Let you die and i get your NRG. ezz. • Making memes on yourself. Pm me with your...

03:36 PM

M4D added a wall post to E1warn
Shitttt legit got me lmaooo huehuehue and merry Christmas bro <3

02:53 PM

M4D added a wall post to ViFluKeY
Partiality between Kaushal and me for wishing Halloween ok me now sed bye

02:50 PM

M4D added a forum post to Cheaters
Greetings iRabbit, I see you talking about lotto/casion cheats First of all lottos...

07:56 AM

M4D added a wall post to SaaDiii
saad gay ass nigga SMD bich ass u 0 money in game lmao take the L saad gay LMAO huheeuh

07:22 AM

M4D posted a comment to DA vs [E.N.D]Varshith
Oh my god that resolution I became blind after watching

06:22 AM

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Admen powah!
Admen powah!
3 of us holding Admin title for a year already. Cg to us!

03:58 PM

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146087 ViFluKeY
Level 104 1 day ago
Are bhai bhai bhai aap toh bura man gaye
163246 ItZmeVictoria
Level 34 1 day ago
Happy Halloween bro :D
70857 E1warn
Level 27 1 day ago
wishing u happy halowen Holidays,,, Bro t^_^

146087 ViFluKeY
Level 104 1 day ago
Happy Halloween :)
40366 404SyazwanNotFound
Level 193 1 day ago
103139 M4D
Level 63 13/10/2018 04:14 PM
Lmao nigga first get your fact rights k I wasn’t even demoted I asked for demotion due to busy schedules unlike you who sit behind PC and shit talk everyone and don’t have any social life you lonely piece of fucking shit, and Nigga I won’t delete it like your gay weak ass did Nigga I’m a real gansta u bich nigga but if you post one more time then I mma be deleting it cause I don’t want any piece of dumb shit on my wall #richniggagangshit
163246 ItZmeVictoria
Level 34 13/10/2018 04:12 PM
He asked for a demote. Lol
163246 ItZmeVictoria
Level 34 13/10/2018 04:11 PM
He don't got demoted
126999 Showzer
Level 77 13/10/2018 04:10 PM
I honestly give no fucks about what you said, but i know that you've been one of the first very helpers and you got demoted, now you're just a toxic farmer look at you, spreading toxicity everywhere
P.S : i know you'll delete this but i don't give a fuck, just wanted you to read it
148402 Kaushal
Level 68 09/10/2018 02:40 PM
>:( you're spammer.
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