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Added: 8 hours ago Hunter refund

Hi i'll refund you from my own pocket Please Send Me a PM when you see me in the...

Added: 14/09/2019 My Brothers account

Hi I suggest you not to login to your brother account When your brother fixes his...

Added: 13/09/2019 I forgot my password can a admin help me?

Hi Go Here And press Reset Password Now go to your email you will find your password...

Added: 08/09/2019 GIF

Hi I Maked It For You Just Put It In Your Profile And It will work [*img][*/img]...

Added: 06/09/2019 Ban Appeal

Hello, You have broken the rules and this is your punishment.

Added: 02/09/2019 i got muted 10 hours for what?

what is that ?? wrong mute ??

Added: 28/08/2019 Refund Wendii

Hi I"ll Refund You This time from my own pocket please send me a pm When you...

Added: 27/08/2019 Banne evade

Hi You said you are banned in server 2 and 3. If you are banned in one server you are...

Added: 27/08/2019 my account got stolen

Hi There is no way to steal your account unless you share your password with someone...

Added: 27/08/2019 Properties trouble

You see Another Helper helped him and In my post I wanted you to know that the new...

Added: 27/08/2019 Properties trouble

Read This

Added: 26/08/2019 still banned

Hi Please wait a little while your payment is verified Because sometimes it takes...

Added: 18/08/2019 lose my car

Solved Through PM's

Added: 18/08/2019 lose my car

Hi Can You Explain More How You Lost Your Car

Added: 13/08/2019 Wierd Situatuion! need help.

Everything explained in private messages,Can close the thread.

Added: 13/08/2019 Wierd Situatuion! need help.

No one can sell your vehicle except you

Added: 13/08/2019 Wierd Situatuion! need help.

The Player who purchased the house cannot use your vehicle

Added: 13/08/2019 Wierd Situatuion! need help.

Hi When your home expiresYou will lose the vehicle that you are saved in,The same...

Added: 11/08/2019 Alert ! attention gamers !

You Can Report Players Here And RandomNoobTryHard Only English

Added: 11/08/2019 Idont remember my password

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