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Added: 3 days ago --- Suggestions ---

Added: 18/02/2020 question

We do not Support the mods here. Any results from your use of the mods = your responsibility

Added: 11/02/2020 CONTEST! Hidden vibrators


Added: 10/02/2020 --- Bug reports on web ---

Report Game Bugs Here

Added: 08/02/2020 SAMP not starting

Hi There You are probably using the wrong samp version . Download the Game Client...

Added: 05/02/2020 --- Events, actions and streams ---

Maniti's Signature contest When: From now >>>> 7 february...

Added: 01/02/2020 How can i post a ban appeal ?

Hi Make sure you read this topic

Added: 28/01/2020 Post the funny things you saw here.

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Added: 27/01/2020 Report on player

Hello There You can report players in the Player Report thanks for your understanding

Added: 19/01/2020 Why my acoount are deactive ?

When your account is disabled, this means that you have been given a permanent...

Added: 09/01/2020 Why is forums prof not updated with in game prof?

Hello There Regarding the number of hours registered in your account, this is...

Added: 31/12/2019 All the best in the new year!

Happy new year, I wish a happy year to everyone and more successes for our community

Added: 13/12/2019 Refund Gun

Hi GamerGuy Since 15 Mini-Gun do not exceed the value of 100,000$, it is not possible...

Added: 09/12/2019 Honest Ban Appeal

Hi Vroon Please create a new thread Here

Added: 06/12/2019 Community Video: Post your image here MaNiTi,Haider69 <3 With my new car "SANDKING"

Added: 28/11/2019 Refund please

Hi, You will get your answer in your previous Thread. The َAdmins will check your...

Added: 27/11/2019 --- Bug reports ---

//Petrit: that's not a bug, that's how it works. You had over 100 skills...

Added: 25/11/2019 DISCOUNTS! Black Friday

No,Only in Game Shop

Added: 12/11/2019 help

Hi again, I just give you your answer, when your payment is blocked, it's...

Added: 12/11/2019 help

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