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Added: 31/05/2018 Inner Peace

am in luv with dis mods :)

Added: 02/04/2018 Weekly Lucky Winner

Number 4

Added: 05/03/2018 cant join server ?

The name that you are trying to login with is already used

Added: 01/03/2018 Killing montage by Toffifee on s3! #4

Hj smyãh ah shle ykar

Added: 04/02/2018 Nemůžu se připojit

Click on tool - Settings and use the current location of your GTA SA folder

Added: 19/01/2018 bug s3

It's not a property is a hotel suite, its similar to house but without a vehicle...

Added: 31/12/2017 Cekkov. a.k.a Padrino

Great skills as always, Keep going mate :-)

Added: 15/12/2017 Daily Game #Christmas Special

Number 7

Added: 13/12/2017 Daily Game #Christmas Special

Number 7

Added: 26/08/2017 My first ganton house ;)

Congrats bro, Hope you enjoy it

Added: 20/08/2017 Dynasty 8 in SA-MP

Would you like to unblock me?

Added: 05/08/2017 ssss

You've reached the limit of sending money to other players, 5 USD per day...

Added: 21/07/2017 Have you ever joined the Millionaires club?!

Since 2 years or more

Added: 16/07/2017 Chilling with Sparkz in GTA V

Playing on Xbox?

Added: 16/06/2017 GTA Online: Gunrunning Now Available

already purchased it, Really amazing

Added: 11/06/2017 194 1 Ez

My old vehicles, I tuned it :]

Added: 31/05/2017 with friends .fox.Aaron.mex.outside

who is dis hot cop?

Added: 24/05/2017 banned - s1

What about dis:

Added: 27/11/2016 Confession: I'm 30 years old and still playing GTA!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, this server is really amazing also i am...

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