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Added: 27/04/2020 --- Player reports ---

Added: 15/03/2019 Web Money Problem - Bank transfer

Using Bank Transfer to pay it will take 5 days of work till you get you money..

Added: 10/03/2019 Admins/Mod

So today at 9:05 I purchased my garage at Pershing Square where I had my FT Infernus,...

Added: 22/02/2019 Trouble with paysafe

You can not pay with paysafe card I have asked lot of times Gopay and not reasons...

Added: 30/12/2018 unban

What if he didn't linked his account on web or he didnt know how to do it? About...

Added: 18/12/2018 IMPORTANT! S2 is running on older version

Added: 17/12/2018 IMPORTANT! S2 is running on older version

so this bug appears only on s2?from 4 days now we are reading/listening it will...

Added: 11/12/2018 --- Suggestions ---

We have on WTLS 4..And this can not be added on WTLS 1-3 download the 0.3.DL R1 Here...

Added: 09/12/2018 ı buy ft flash and defuld flash

can you write english please??

Added: 08/12/2018 --- Bug reports ---

-Just faced this out:

Added: 07/12/2018 Gandalf


Added: 07/12/2018 Gandalf

Clean it up and it will stop turning off :D

Added: 28/10/2018 you need to check this unimportant question

Added: 27/10/2018 --- Apply for helper ---

Age: 16 years Languages: English (Learning 12 years), Greek (Native speaker),...

Added: 27/10/2018 I got scamed...

GeTup: So, you can not get any refund

Added: 27/10/2018 I got scamed...

This is your own fault as it is said on /rules trading stuff isn't allowed...

Added: 26/10/2018 Undertaker.

Then its because the taxes there isnt any bug other players tryed and it worked

Added: 26/10/2018 Undertaker.

Actually it's because the bonuses have been changed

Added: 26/10/2018 --- Suggestions ---

-Add Red Dead Redemption 2 avatars

Added: 25/10/2018 Please

No one can link his account he have to do it by his self tell him to go Here and to select...

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