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Added: 26/07/2015 Player Informed it's allowed ?

It's won't give you any advantages , so i think it's allowed .

Added: 18/07/2015 unban me

Everything solved : Admins can lock this thread .

Added: 14/07/2015 Why am I banned?

You can use edit button if you want to add something .

Added: 14/07/2015 Want buy used

You can add money via : 1.PayPal 2.Bank Transfer 3.Credit Card

Added: 14/07/2015 Off-Topic (Help)

You can't delete screenshots , But you can ask an admin to delete it .

Added: 01/07/2015 --- Suggestions ---

#Add more Skins . #Add more neons . #Casino in Ls .

Added: 29/06/2015 --- Suggestions ---

Add more neons + skins

Added: 27/06/2015 unband error

The problem solved , admins can lock the thread .

Added: 25/06/2015 Yesterday's ban

you get banned without any reason ? wait for admin to replay and you will know the...

Added: 25/06/2015 cann't join server -_-

Reset your router/pc and try again , if it's not working then wait for admin to replay...

Added: 21/06/2015 Banned for unknown reason?

You have just link your account so how u was playing yesterday ? or you have another...

Added: 20/06/2015 Banned

You are banned on the server so wait 30 days or buy unban

Added: 20/06/2015 Banned from s1

You can see if you are banned here :

Added: 20/06/2015 Unban me please </3

You Don't have to create multiple threads :

Added: 19/06/2015 --- Suggestions ---

More spawn places for jetpack

Added: 18/06/2015 How much days im banned?;(

Go to this link and check :

Added: 18/06/2015 Ban for what?

As the admin say you are not banned , just try to reset your router/pc

Added: 18/06/2015 Ban for what?

Just wait for admin to replay and you will know the reason .

Added: 18/06/2015 Ban for what?

I don't understand you , you mean before 10 min u got banned and you want to know the...

Added: 17/06/2015 Why im banned in S2.!

You was playing before 40 min , just restart you router and try to join again .

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