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Added: 19/01/2020 Elthei

Pokud se potrebujes na neco zeptat doporucuji se podivat, ktery z pomocniku je...

Added: 17/01/2020 Moderátor Elthej

Kacerys dalsi naprosto nesmyslna stiznost, nema smysl si neustale hrat, ze neco...

Added: 05/01/2020 i can't join s3

You're not banned. If you see only message "You are banned from this...

Added: 05/01/2020 complain about Overd0se

Solved in game.

Added: 05/01/2020 Staznost na admina

Za poslednich 30 dnu doslo k "deathmatchovani" jednou a P1ZM0N byl...

Added: 28/12/2019 Blok hlasování

Nechapu, jak si muze nekdo, kdo ma ve jmene "PermaBanned" stezovat,...

Added: 26/12/2019 Dear Admins

We will do our best to check the player for possible cheats but what you did made...

Added: 01/12/2019 Admins abusing power

According to server logs neither of these two administrators used any commands...

Added: 30/11/2019 mistake ban

Well in case thats true then the ban is not for the rule 9: but for the rule 3:

Added: 28/11/2019 fonly admin pls

The first sentence confuses me a little and i don't know how we are supposed...

Added: 28/11/2019 Jak mi Snix zrušil hlasovaní

Predpokladam, ze pokud by jsi delal hlasovani z duvodu, ze mas daneho cloveka...

Added: 11/07/2019 Muted

That it is against the rules At 18:51:54 No you actually said Any other questions?

Added: 11/07/2019 samp proplem

You have been just kicked from the game for 5 minuts not banned. You should be able...

Added: 10/07/2019 Sawed off brokovnice

Jen dodam, ze sawny se hodne pouzivaji pouze na serverech 1 a 3, kde muze hrat mit...

Added: 10/07/2019 UNBAN Posím

Za jeden svuj ucet a jeden brachy by jsi ban normalne nedostal, ale 26.6.2019 jsi...

Added: 10/07/2019 žádost o náhradu

Zaslal jsem ti herni penize, za ktere jsi hotknife zakoupil a za CZK za vylepseni...

Added: 09/07/2019 Hello banned s2 for advertising?!!!

You are not banned and also have not been kicked or muted today so your sa-mp client...

Added: 09/07/2019 Delete my acount

Well i see that you have already unlinked your old account and created new one that...

Added: 09/07/2019 Delete my acount

Why you need to start with new account?

Added: 09/07/2019 Problém kupování věcí až v cele.

Az se to znovu stane, tak prosim udelej screenshoty nebo video, jak se Hunter spawnul...

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