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Added: 11/09/2019 Verxzy's Cheating Montage

Your micro and m4 aim is so different than the minigun aim in my opinion your aim...

Added: 29/07/2019 PhiLLip

oh shit here we go again Archos is the best btw

Added: 25/07/2019 Outplaying Opponents

I must to say 2 comments in a row great job my friend! :D

Added: 19/07/2019 Outplaying Opponents

Yea I really need to work on the effect, this time I tried to catch the beat somehow,...

Added: 10/07/2019 Turfing on S1

Děkuji vám.

Added: 20/04/2019 Fortnite Battle Royale - Unvaulted/Classic Mode 2 WINS IN A ROW!

co máš za úkol říct lidem, co mají dělat? Stačí si zahrát svou hru.

Added: 17/04/2019 Fortnite Battle Royale - Unvaulted/Classic Mode 2 WINS IN A ROW!

Appreciate that brother thank you!

Added: 02/12/2018 Walker still cheating

Every lagger takes damage but it takes some time and to make sure he's not...

Added: 05/11/2018 Making Ft Jester is S3

nice song

Added: 25/08/2018 Usher s2 cheating

Everyone from the old players know that he became a big cheater which comes 1 time...

Added: 11/06/2018 PhiLLip - Remastered ENB Test

It's not about how old your PC is, it's about how strong it is so my friend...

Added: 17/02/2018 PhiLLip - Sawn off DM

Because I never play on s1 or s3 server now after 8 months I logged in and tried my...

Added: 06/02/2018 Distance and high texture loader :)

You mean the graphic, no that doesn't give me long distance and high texture...

Added: 21/01/2018 S2 - Helpers 2018

Yea maybe.

Added: 20/01/2018 S2 - Helpers 2018

Because I found my GTA SA on Internet on a Russian webside. Yes I understand all...

Added: 19/01/2018 Suggestin a RPG Deathmatch in this area

It's not just a suggestion it's a photo too which I wanted to post on...

Added: 16/01/2018 My First | Montage |

It could be also a bug, but as I saw in the video, it looks like a wallhack but it was...

Added: 14/01/2018 Infernus vs Sniper Event

Wondershare Filmora 5.3.1

Added: 12/01/2018 ♛ IwAn || Minigun montage || s2 ♛


Added: 29/12/2017 Cekkov. a.k.a Padrino

Very impressive

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