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Added: 23/08/2019 Banned for no reason

Admins never ban for no reason and in my opinion your thread does not give any sense,...

Added: 05/07/2019 Banned

There's an auto kick for c-bugging I had the problem clicking too much c and...

Added: 29/07/2018 Password not working

Nobody can hack your account except if you give to someone your account's...

Added: 28/07/2018 Marshall?

You won't be unbanned if your friend cheated on your IP and has been banned.

Added: 23/07/2018 MIND and Egy_Master

Even if there's a new suggestion to stop this they can talk on TS or Discord...

Added: 01/07/2018 Web and game there is Problem!

How can google disable your email, your account cannot be stolen untill you share...

Added: 10/06/2018 Typical $Rich$

In my opinion that's not a good idea for Rich because he's a helper and...

Added: 01/06/2018 > what is wrong with weathers? <

Please suggest it here:

Added: 01/06/2018 Unbann Request

You should know the rules 2-3 mins is enough for someone to get 30 days ban as the...

Added: 01/06/2018 --- Bug reports ---

It's not from the server side and unfortunately it cannot be fixed.

Added: 31/05/2018 --- Bug reports on web ---

When you constantly press F while driving a boat it kicks you for cheats, this bug...

Added: 25/03/2018 Ban

Anyway! Playing in net cafe is not allowed and you should understand that. Play...

Added: 07/02/2018 wtff guys !

Please go to your linked account to check your unban date. If there's no ban...

Added: 31/01/2018 report player

You already got your answer here.

Added: 31/01/2018 report player

Hello, you can report players in this thread.

Added: 25/01/2018 Scam

Well it's a kind of scam because he called you to buy the RPG's and then...

Added: 21/01/2018 Help Me $CarDona$

Making multiple accounts is not allowed! Btw if your cousin or your sister whatever...

Added: 20/01/2018 Will our accounts stay untouched?

Yes ofcourse we will it will just change the SA:MP version and nothing else.

Added: 20/01/2018 --- Bug reports ---

I finished 10 mission from Big Smoke and in the achievements it says that I've...

Added: 19/01/2018 thanks

Hey ZoRRo, if you are permanently banned then you won't be welcome on the...

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