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Raja liked a screenshot 24
Hunting in s3
Hunting in s3
We Da Nag to kill our gang enemies :D RIP to enemies RoadTrip : SF to LV With : Iverson...

06:26 AM

Raja posted a comment to Hunting in s3
ive fought all of those guys before

06:26 AM

Raja posted a comment to nice house :D
crispy woadie

02:54 AM

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Farm House :3
Farm House :3
When you doing truck job with your friend and see this bad boy expired

12:30 AM

Raja posted a comment to Farm House :3
country boy.. young ass country BITCH

12:30 AM

Raja added a wall post to kenneth246
im from da east side nigga.. im frumz idlewood. and we gone mo grovestreetz..

12:24 AM

Raja added a wall post to C3nT
ill be back 2 idlewood pwussies.. to shoot niggaz!

12:23 AM

Raja added a wall post to Siptarr1
im from da east nigga! where u frumz?..

12:23 AM

Raja posted a comment to Minigun my best friend 0_0
This whole picture is fresh. Breath your money in your lungs ;

06:31 PM

Raja added Telfort as a friend

06:29 PM

Wall (74)

125620 Siptarr1
Level 55 19/11/2018 11:12 PM
Frumm the loct beachs wht abt you ?
118638 SavageKid
Level 58 11/11/2018 05:28 PM
Big daddy Raja come back to idllewood
125620 Siptarr1
Level 55 26/10/2018 08:50 PM
Retardlaaaaand, raja uaa rajaaaaaaaa majaaaaaa! number 1 white gangsta hesssssss west side
147617 C3nT
Level 57 18/10/2018 08:52 AM
Idlewood need you the boss of ballas!
157149 Varshaith18
Level 42 16/10/2018 03:21 PM
gay is here
95602 PolishPat69
Level 63 14/10/2018 10:46 PM
Idlewood calling for Backup nigga
63821 kenneth246
Level 113 09/10/2018 12:30 AM
Idlewood need you fam
112820 Bannie
Level 51 03/10/2018 12:22 PM
Come back =D
101776 xGaara42x
Level 59 15/08/2018 06:22 PM
I'll miss our /dice :c
147617 C3nT
Level 57 12/08/2018 06:47 PM
rich sir! died too many times sir!
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