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Added: 3 days ago i want to ask

Hello, Please Report Players in The Right Thread.

Added: 20/04/2020 WTLS 12th Anniversary!

Happy 12th Anniversary!

Added: 13/04/2020 Community video 2020 (English servers)


Added: 10/04/2020 EVENT! Searching Easter eggs

Thank you niCe and goodluck to everyone!

Added: 10/04/2020 Show your self off.

Added: 09/04/2020 Show your self off.

Added: 05/04/2020 --- Bug reports ---

NPC's bug in the heist

Added: 01/04/2020 IMPORTANT! Huge server update

Awesome, thanks you niCe!

Added: 25/03/2020 Refund if possible

Hi ! You can claim a refund only when you meet the following conditions. 1. You have...

Added: 24/03/2020 Server lags and what to do

Hi Please Report Game Bugs In this Thread

Added: 24/03/2020 Server s3 bug (maybe)

Hello There ! why don't you try reinstalling the whole game? maybe that problem...

Added: 24/03/2020 SPECIAL ACTION! Bonuses and discounts

Awesome! thank you for these bonuses.

Added: 17/03/2020 EVENT! Searching shamrocks

Thanks niCe. :D, i hope we find it! good luck

Added: 08/03/2020 Unban s2

Today 08/03/2020 so you should wait until 00:00 midnight to get unbanned

Added: 02/03/2020 Early access to the new heists

Thanks niCe for new heists

Added: 16/07/2019 CONTEST! CEO work

Thanks Mr.niCe

Added: 07/07/2019 Offices and organization update

Thanks nice

Added: 22/06/2019 Show your self off.

Added: 11/06/2019 5 Days and 5 contests(s3)

Good luck all

Added: 08/06/2019 Weekend bonuses on WTLS!

Thanks Mr.niCe ❤

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